Arcadia University Partnership Programs

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Geneva College now has a partnership with Arcadia University′s Center for Education Abroad. Through this partnership Geneva students will have the opportunity to choose from over 100 programs (semester-long, year-long, and summer) in 14 countries. Best of all there are programs tailored to ALL MAJORS (including Science and Engineering).

To find out which program works best for you visit Arcadia University: Center for Education Abroad.

A Geneva student who participates in an Arcadia program will remain a Geneva student and be billed by Geneva. The cost of participation is program specific and Geneva Students will only be billed the cost of the program they choose. Geneva students will maintain all State and Federal Aid as well as Fifty Percent of their Geneva Aid.

Program Costs - click here for more information
Please be sure to look at both the Program fees and Additional costs links. Please also note the special notes marked on the Program fees pages.

For more information please stop by the Crossroads Office.