Geneva in Geneva: Switzerland and France

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MAY-TERM/SUMMER 2014: HUM304/PSY 491/BIB 491

This three-credit course, team-taught by faculty in the Bible and Psychology Departments, will study the main concepts and unique characteristics of the thought of three famous citizens of Geneva: John Calvin, Jean Piaget and Paul Tournier. The course will culminate in a trip to France and Switzerland to visit the famous historic sites and locations where these men developed their lifework. Pre-requisites are PSY 201, BIB 112 & BIB 113 or by special permission.

Who can take the class: Students of any major; plus alumni, friends, faculty or staff

When: May Term 2014 with tour of France and Switzerland on or about May 26 to June 6

Cost: For European tour: $3800* per person (assuming final group size of 20)

Why: To learn: some Reformation history and about holistic psychology and to experience contemporary French culture. You′ll pick up a little French and enjoy some GREAT food and fellowship! Oh-and also pick up three HUM 304 credits along the way!

Detail: The course "Geneva to Geneva: the Swiss worldviews of Calvin, Piaget and Tournier" will offer students a unique opportunity to move beyond classroom learning to experience the birthplace of Calvinism and the holistic psychologies of psychologist Jean Piaget and Christian psychiatrist Paul Tournier. Not only will students explore the ideas of these great men but also visit the places where these men were born, lived, worked, and worshipped in both France and Switzerland. An attempt will be made to arrange guest lecturers by local residents to provide unique insights into each of these famous Genevans. Students will have an opportunity to experience the history and context of these famous thinkers in a way that will leave a lasting impact for a lifetime.

More Information:

Contact Dr. Danny Hitchcock in the Psychology Department at dfhitchc@geneva.eduor 724-847-6547.

*This does not include the May term course tuition but does include all costs for travel and meals.

Draft Itinerary for Geneva to Geneva Program
May-June 2014:

Contact: Dr. Danny Hitchcock


Day 1: Flight
Take an overnight flight from Pittsburgh.

Day 2: Paris
Arrive in Paris this morning. Transfer from the airport into the city center. Stop at the Eiffel Tower for pictures and an optional ride. Continue on a driving tour past the Arc de Triomphe and down Champs-Elysees. Arrive at Notre Dame Cathedral to view the architecture and take a full tour of this grand building. Next visit and tour L′Oratoire du Louvre which was built as a Catholic church in 1621 but was given to the Protestants by Napoleon.

Day 3: Noyon, Louvre (220kms)
This morning leave early to travel north to the town of Noyon to visit John Calvin Museum located at his birth house. Return to Paris and take an afternoon visit to the Louvre Museum. Dinner is on your own and then an optional ride on the bateaux mouches along the Seine River. Return on your own to the hotel.

Day 4: Versailles, Lyon (500kms)
This morning travel out of Paris and visit the palace and gardens of the mighty palace at Versailles. Travel south this afternoon and overnight in Lyon

Day 5: Mialet, Alès, Aix-en-Provence (440kms)
Travel to Mialet and visit the Musee du Desert and then to Ales which was an important Hugenot center. The Edict of Ales was signed in 1629 that guaranteed tolerance for the protestant reformers and temporarily ended religious warring. Continue to Aix-en-Provence to visit the Evangelical protestant seminary, Faculte Jean Calvin. Overnight in Aix-en-Provence.

Day 6: Avignon, Geneva (470kms)Geneva_Fountain.jpg
First visit the Cezanne Studio in Aix-en-Provence to study the art of Paul Cezanne. Continue to Avignon which was the seat of the Pope from 1309-1377. Visit the Papal Palace and the Notre Dame des Doms Cathedral to learn thehistory of the Roman Catholic Church prior to the protestant reform-ers. Travel this afternoon to Geneva, Switzerland and overnight in this area.

Day 7: Huemoz, Chamonix and Mont-Blanc (280 kms)
Visit Swiss L′Abri which is a shelter of 7 chalets in Huemoz where people go to study and build on heir Christian faith. Enjoy a Sunday worship service here. Continue the journey on a scenic and exhilarating panorama tour through the Swiss and French Alps to Chamonix at the foot of the "roof of Europe" - the Mont Blanc. If weather allows take the cable car up to Mont d′Aguilles or visit one of the largest European glaciers. Otherwise continue on to the village of Passy and visit the church Notre-Dame-de-Toute-Grâce, located opposite of Chamonix. Nestled in the beautiful alpine mountains this out-standing small village church was shaped by the most famous 20th-century artists, e.g. Chagall, Ma-tisse, Leger, Braque, Rouault, Bonnard among others. Return to Geneva for overnight.

Day 8: Geneva
Today is a full day to visit the sites of John Calvin. Sites include the Auditoire de Calvin (Academy), Geneva Cathedral (St. Peter′s), Reformation Museum, and Reformation Wall/Monument.

Day 9: Geneva
Visit the University of Geneva and the Piaget Archives. Visit the Plain Palais cemetery to see the grave sites of Piaget and Calvin. This afternoon take a tour of the city with Paul Tournier′s grandson (set up on your own).

Day 10: Home

Fly home from Geneva.

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