First Year Honors Program


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Collegial Community

As a member of the Geneva College First-Year Honors Program, you'll become part of a community of learners—the most essential component of a strong academic experience in college. Together you will explore the meaning of college, discover God′s calling for your life and be challenged to deepen your faith.

Why Are We Students?

We study in order to understand God′s good creation and the ways that sin has distorted it so that, in Christ′s power, we may bring healing to persons and the created order, and, as God′s image-bearers, exercise responsible authority in our task of cultivating the creation to the end that all people and all things may joyfully acknowledge and serve the creator and true king.

Geneva′s First-Year Honors Program was part of what made my freshman year such a great experience. Getting to
know a unique group of students out of the freshman class was edifying and enriching in ways that I wasn't expecting, but that had a significant positive impact on me and my experience as a freshman." Mim, 2011

First-Year Honors Program Scholarships

Each student selected will receive:

  • A $12,000- or $15,000-a-year scholarship for four years (determined upon acceptance)
  • A $2,000 Travel & Research Honorarium that may be used for off-campus study, academic research or conference attendance, after the first year is completed with a minimum GPA of 3.4

An additional five students will receive a $5,000 Honors Scholarship, to be applied toward financial aid during the first year.

Only students attending the Honors Program & Scholarship Competition Day will be considered for the First-Year Honors Program and Honors Scholarship.

Living & Learning Communities
Enjoy living, studying and “stretching” with other motivated learners on the honors floors of the freshman residence halls.

Enhanced Academics
Participate in honors-only sections of core courses and in-depth discussion groups.

Superb Cultural Opportunities
Attend professional productions, such as the Pittsburgh Opera, Ballet, Public Theater and more with fellow first-year honors students—at no cost.

Fabulous Off-campus Retreats
Retreats at the beginning and end of your freshman year offer integrative learning and community-building experiences (and fun!).

The Next Level
Continue developing your gifts and calling in upper-level honors programs. The Young Scholars Program will deepen your understanding of how faith and learning intersect, while the Academic Partners Program enables motivated students to engage in advanced research or creative projects.


You will make lasting friendships in the First-Year Honors Program. You will find that you got more out of your first year of college because of the honor′s floor, retreats, seminars, cultural event, and honors section of Humanities. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go through the Honors Program!” Sean, 2011

Courses You Will Take

  • HUM 103 Honors Section (Fall, 3 credits)
    Participate in lively discussions on topics central to the Western cultural heritage in the honors section of core course HUM 103, Invitation to the Humanities.
  • HON 101 (Fall, 1 credit)
    What is college for? What have I learned about learning based on my high school experience, and what is its relevance, if any, for the learning project at Geneva? What is my learning style? Are all Christian colleges the same?
  • SOC 491 (Spring, 3 credits)
    This course will expose you to the major topics and issues of contemporary society and counts as a social science core elective.
  • HON 102 (Spring, 1 credit)
    In this one credit course, students will be involved in one of several book discussions on relevant and important topics for the purpose of sharpening how to read and think Christianly.



How to Apply
Students with a cumulative GPA ≥ 3.6 in conjunction with a SAT ≥ 1200 (critical reading and math) or ACT ≥ 27, who are accepted by January 5, 2015, are invited to the First-Year Honors Program and Scholarship Competition on Saturday, January 31, 2015. Students will be interviewed by a small, informal panel of faculty, staff and students, and will write an essay to be scored by a faculty panel. The 40 available positions in the program, as well as five $5,000 Honors Scholarships, will be decided from the results of the competition.

Students who are invited to participate in the First-Year Honors Program are expected to participate actively in all components of the program. They must also earn a 3.4 grade point average at the end of the fall semester to continue in the program in the spring semester.

For More Information
Contact your admissions counselor or call the Geneva College Office of Admissions at 800-847-8255.