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May 12 - June 6, 2014

May@GenevaMay@Geneva course offerings have been dramatically increased for 2014! New options include key courses for the Core and certain majors, as well some great electives and travel courses. The full schedule of courses is listed here.

May@Geneva is an affordable and convenient summer session. All May@Geneva classes are taught by Geneva professors on a condensed schedule, and offerings include a number of Core, Core Option and Travel courses.


  • Avoid class conflicts during the regular semester.
  • Help complete your major/minor or double major.
  • Focus on just one or two classes at a time.
  • Save money with discounted tuition and housing.
  • Finish courses in time for summer jobs and internships.
  • Enjoy student activities and access all campus services and facilities.


Geneva students who want to take May@Geneva courses can register as early as the fall registration period (November 2013). Registration will continue until May 12, 2014. No additional application is required.

Students may take a maximum of seven hours in any combination of one, three and four-credit classes.

Current students may register online until 4 p.m. May 12. After May 12, students must submit the paper registration form to the registrar's office.

Web registration is not available to new students or certification students. Students not using web registration must print the registration form and submit it to: Registrar's Office, Geneva College, 3200 College Ave, Beaver Falls PA 15010 or fax 724-847-6739.

Transient students from other schools may register on the paper registration form when accompanied by signed approval from their home school (form).

Payment is due 10 days before the first day of class (See "Fees" on the general information link.) Please complete the Summer 2014 Financial Aid Form if applicable.

NOTE: For this year only, the payment due date has been extended to May 8th, due to bills being sent out later than usual due to the new software system.

(Some dates vary. Check summer courses for exact dates.)

Session Dates
May@Geneva 2013 May 12 - June 6
2 June 9 - July 11
3 July 14 - August 14
Evening Check courses ending in '91' for exact dates


Tuition $333 per credit hour
Administrative Fee $95
Room & Board $395

The tuition refund policy for May@Geneva courses is as follows:

For typical May term courses beginning 5/12 and ending 6/5 or 6/6:

  • 100% refund if dropped up to and including May 12th
  • 50% refund if dropped May 13th-May 16th
  • No refund if dropped after May 16th

For Political Science which begins 5/12 and ends 6/25:

  • 100% refund if dropped up to and including May 13th
  • 50% refund if dropped May 14th-May 20th
  • No refund if dropped after May 21st

Administrative Fee Refund:

  • 100% refund if all May@Geneva courses are dropped on or before Monday, May 12th.
  • No refund after Monday, May 12th

Room and Board Refund:

  • 100% refund up to and including May 12th
  • 50% refund: May 13th - May 16th
  • No refund after May 16th


Financial Aid for May@Geneva is limited. Students interested in financial aid for the term should complete the Summer Financial Aid Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office (724-847-6530 or Students will then be contacted by a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss their options. Please note that summer refund checks will generally not be available until late June or early July.


Transient Student Certification

General information and registration form (PDF)

Summer 2014 undergraduate courses (PDF)