Early College Program / Dual Enrollment

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Jump-start your college degree!

The Early College/Dual-Enrollment program provides a great opportunity for high school students to get started earning credit toward a college degree during their high school years. And the best news is that students enrolled in program receive a 50% scholarship applicable to the first 15 credits taken—half off the regular tuition cost!

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Who is eligible?

While any qualified high school student in grades 9-12 may take courses through Geneva′s Early College/Dual Enrollment program, most do so during the junior and senior years. To qualify, students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and/or a minimum of 1000 on the SAT (Critical Reading/Math) or 20 on the ACT (composite). Exceptions may be offered and should be discussed with the admissions staff when the above criteria are not met.

NOTE: High school seniors in the Early College/Dual Enrollment program will be automatically considered accepted as full-time students for the term that immediately follows graduation from high school and will not need to submit the regular application for admission.

What courses can be taken?

Typically, students will take freshman-level courses that are considered “general education” or “core requirements.” These are courses in the natural sciences, humanities, English, philosophy, psychology or other social sciences. Freshmen-level courses offered in majors such as business, engineering or any other major offered at Geneva may also be taken.

When can courses be taken?

Courses can be taken during any of Geneva's regular semesters, May term or summer sessions. Day and evening courses are available; however, courses offered during the day must be coordinated and approved by a student′s high school.

Is transferrable college credit given for these courses?

Full college credit is granted and included on a transcript provided by Geneva.  Should a student decide not to attend Geneva as a full-time student (but we hope they will), courses may be transferred to other colleges. When enrolling at a college other than Geneva, it is best to discuss with that college how the credits will transfer.

Is financial aid available?

Here′s the best news! Students enrolled in the Early College/Dual Enrollment program receive a 50% scholarship applicable to the first 15 credits taken. That′s half off the regular tuition cost!

Are there limits to the number of credits taken?

Students are limited to a maximum of nine (9) credits each semester, with a maximum of fifteen (15) credits while enrolled in the Early College/Dual Enrollment program.  Students may continue taking credits beyond 15; however, credits above the 15-credit limit are charged at full tuition rates.

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