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Geneva College provides a complete food service program in Alexander Dining Hall, which offers an unlimited seconds policy except on selected entrees.

This program offers a variety of choices that include hot entrees, a deli bar, a grill, a wrap station, a salad bar, a bread/cereal bar, a self-serve wok/Panini press/waffle bar, rotisserie chicken, a dessert station and cold/hot drink options. The Brigadoon in the Student Center offers a selection products ranging from ice cream, to big bags of chips, to dessert snacks, to an assortment of beverages. Additionally, GT Grillers is available in the Brigadoon and features gourmet grilled sandwiches, burgers, your favorite fried foods, and premium exchange meal upgrades.

Resident Freshmen are required to choose a meal plan option.

Commuter Freshmen are not required to have a meal plan; however, they can purchase Flex Points in Alexander Dining Hall. Every dollar of Flex Points purchased has a bonus of an extra 10% spending power in the dining hall, Brig, Riverview Cafe or at Papa John’s. The Flex Points will be logged on the student ID card and deducted as they are spent.

Exchange Meals are complete meals that you can eat in the Brig instead of Alexander Dining Hall. Each exchange is the same as one cafeteria meal and will be taken from your account at the time you take the meal in the Brig. Unless you are enrolled on a Block Meal Plan, you cannot eat a meal in the cafeteria and then go get that same meal as an exchange in the Brig or vice versa.

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If a resident student does not designate a choice of a meal plan in writing, a 21-meal plan option will be automatically assigned for them.