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Spring 2015 1/7/15-3/2/15

Block Two: Beaver Falls Campus

HUM 119 -  BR1 - Western Culture: Renaissance to Modernity  (3 HMT core or elective credits; 8 sessions)
Mondays 3/9/15- 4/27/15
This is a survey course of the historical, cultural, social, economic, and religious developments in western civilization.  This course will examine, through reading, writing, and discussion, the dominant ideas in western culture as expressed in the philosophy, art, literature, and music from a Christian perspective.

PSS 251 - BR1 - Child Development (3 HSS core or elective credits; 8 sessions)
Thursdays 3/12/15-4/30/15
The Lifespan Development course is designed to provide information that will assist students in understanding the normal developmental process of individuals over the entire lifespan starting with conception and ending with death. 

ACE 233 - BR1 - Gloablism &  Multiculturalism (3 elective credits; 8 sessions)
Mondays  3/9/15-4/27/15
The twenty-first century world is now experiencing a hyper-integration of peoples, cultures, communication, business and politics on an unprecedented level and at phenomenal speeds.  This course examines the effects that the twenty-first that global changes are having upon individuals and countries, and even upon churches and ministries.  It will consider how we can understand and anticipate, and perhaps better manage the immense effects globalism is exerting upon us.

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