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Please note, Internships are options for DCP students only. Procedures to Follow in Developing a CMN, HRS or ORD Internship Contact the DCP office to initiate discussion of your desire to pursue an internship and to receive general guidance in its development. Next, submit a DCP Internship Registration Form and Internship Proposal . The person coordinating the internship responds with modifications needed or approval of the proposal as submitted. Approval of the Internship Proposal is followed by an Internship Contract being sent to you. This document specifies assignments, tuition charges and due dates required to complete the internship as outlined in the approved Internship Proposal. The CMN, HRS or ORD Internship Supervisor will initiate visits to the internship site to meet with you during the course of the internship (The number of meetings depends on the internship itself and the number of credits). Following completion of the internship, the Site Supervisor submits the Site Supervisor Evaluation to the ACE office using the form provided. After all assignments are received, the Site Supervisor Evaluation is turned in, and the student's account is cleared, the Registrar will be notified that the requirements have been met and appropriate academic credit will be issued for the work. Please note that any modification of the internship program as stated in the Internship Contract without prior approval from ACE office may jeopardize credit for the internship. For more information about Internships, please call 800-576-3111.