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Thank you for your time in submitting a Distinguished Service Award nomination. Please complete the following information as thoroughly as possible.

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Alumni considered for the “Distinguished Service Award” will be limited to those alumni celebrating their reunion years beginning with the 10-year reunion class, unless special circumstances warrant giving the award in a non-reunion year. The most significant attribute is a clearly demonstrated walk with Jesus Christ (‘Pro Christo′). Other pertinent data, when available, includes professional information and accomplishments, education, church affiliation and involvement, and service to country (‘et Patria′) to include civic and community activities. Another important factor for consideration is the nominated individuals′ loyalty and service to Geneva. The committee will seek to select candidates whose life accomplishments and character exemplify a balance of these categories.

Please use the space below to include as much information as possible regarding the candidate's achievements. You may send news clippings, etc. to the Alumni Office below.

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Deadline for submission is May 31.