February 23, 2009

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Tom Pyle called the meeting to order at 9:33 p.m., asked for prayer requests and opened in prayer. Amber Jobes was absent and Deb Nichols was her replacement. Katherine Bull was also absent due to illness.

1) Minutes: Bonnie Rapp motioned to pass the minutes from February 9, 2009. Garrett Marvich seconded the motion. Motion passes 9-0-1.

2) Dorm Updates:

a. Pearce - Patrick Hardwig: There was a fire sensor issue in the building, which is being taken care of, and the ventilation is being repaired. Pat is still working on getting air fresheners installed. The majority of students are excited to participate in the dancing survey.

b. Memorial - Garrett Marvich: The McKee and Memorial Black and White Ball was a success and Garrett said the food was great. Physical Plant may be painting some of the hallways and stairwells over spring break or at the end of the semester. The paint is peeling because of the heaters being turned up high.

c. Clarke - Megan Diemer: Many of the girls are excited to participate in the dancing survey. Clarke Game Night is being held this Saturday from 5:00-7:00 p.m. and Meg is receiving good responses. After some research, she found that buying a couch for the lounge would be too expensive, but could possibly afford an end table. She is still deciding on what to do.

d. McKee - Amber Jobes: Deb Nichols gave the update. The McKee and Memorial Black and White Ball was a success and a lot of fun. The attendees played cards and the music was great. She said it would have been more fun had there been dancing.

e. Young North - John Bennett: Many residents thought that the idea of an all-hall or all building meeting was good, but stressed that student needs would need to be represented. There would be continual discussion of the recent open hour′s survey as well as the dancing survey (which is still in progress). The building staff will be attending the "Big Building Pow Wow." John presented his ideas for the upcoming corn-hole tournament. He would like access to two TV′s that could be put outside, as well as two grills and seating. The RA′s could also be involved in the tournament and John asked the RC′s for any other ideas. There will be a monetary grand prize. Physical plant has fixed the plumbing problems in Young North.

f. Young East - Bonnie Rapp: Their building staff met for dinner for their first meeting. There was a discussion of the whole building meeting idea and the building staff gave Bonnie their support. She is meeting with Sarah tomorrow and hopes to discuss more issues. She is in the process of distributing and collecting dancing policy surveys.

g. Arms Men - Conlan Walsh: Brian Jensen wants to do big things with the 3v3 tournament this semester. The RA′s are excited for the "Cleaning Supplies for Arms" proposal. Conlan hopes that it will be beneficial with the various illnesses going around. This past Friday, Arms Men had a combined floor event with Arms Women and went to a shooting range. About 20 people attended and they learned to shoot handguns and practice safety.

h. Arms Women - Julie Allen: Julie has been handing out the dancing policy surveys and will be presenting a proposal.

i. Houses - Lynette Buzzanca: Richardson had their sleepover event Friday night. They have received a new dishwasher but it hasn′t been installed yet. There is a new detour sign in Richardson′s backyard. Lynette distributed the dancing policy surveys in Schoolhouse and Kerr.

j. Commuters - David Gettemy: On Friday, Dave met with Katherine Bull and they had a good discussion. The commuter bulletin board is now his to use. Dave is still continuing to try and receive feedback from fellow commuters and at the next meeting he will be bringing in a commuter RC candidate to observe the meeting.

3) Proposals:

Arms Women Ping-Pong Table - Julie Allen: Many of the girls in Arms would like to see a ping-ping table in the lounge. Julie has full support from the building team, and there is enough space in the lounge for a ping-ping table. Julie Allen moved to allocate up to $500.00 to buy a tennis table, four paddles and ping pong balls for Arms women. John Bennett seconded the motion. Garret Marvich asked how they would get the table to Arms and Julie Allen said that they would probably go pick it up themselves. Motion passed 9-0-0.

Big Building Pow-Wow - John Bennett: In response to the idea of holding an all-hall or all-building meeting in order for students to know more about what is going on and what the RC′s do, John has decided to meet Tuesday night as a building. He hopes that there will be good attendance so that students can present their ideas and feedback. John would like to provide pizza and water for this event, which will be held at approximately 10:00p.m. One of the issues that would be discussed is the dancing policy. John Bennett moved to allocate $65.00 to pay for pizza and a case of water for the Big Building Pow Wow. Garrett Marvich seconded the motion. Motion passed 10-0-0.

Cleaning Supplies For Arms - Conlan Walsh: There is a lack of cleaning supplies in the apartments and Conlan would like to provide these supplies in order to promote sanitation and cleanliness. The supplies would be used in the bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. The RA would keep the cleaning supplies along with the already existing vacuum. Resources needed include: Buckets, Windex, shower cleaner, toilet cleaner, sponges, brushes, and rags. Conlan Walsh moved to allocate $125.00 towards cleaning supplies for each floor of Arms Men. Garrett Marvich seconded the motion. Motion passed 8-0-1. Pat Hardwig asked who will pay for the supplies when they run out. Conlan Walsh said the cleaning supplies should last awhile, but another proposal will need to be presented when more supplies are needed.

4) New Business:

Tom Pyle encouraged the RC′s to be working on distributing and getting the dancing policy survey′s filled out.

There will be an email sent out to confirm and or cancel the scheduled all GCSU meeting for this Friday.

5) Senate Update:

Tom Pyle gave the update. This Wednesday, Senate will be voting on the new possible Executive Staff structural changes, which would include an amendment to the Constitution. The new structure would involve the Vice President being the chair of both the Residential Council and Senate, while the GCSU President would focus more on external issues. Under the new structure, there would no longer be a commuter RC, but a Commuter Cabinet. There would also be a Presidents Round Table.

6) Activities Update:

Kaylee Wherry gave the update. Wednesday′s concert will be featuring: Tyrone Wells, Joy Ike and Keaton Simmons. Kaylee asked for help from the RC′s at noon, 3:30 p.m., and 9:30 p.m. (for set up and teardown). Anyone volunteering to help will receive free admission. Kaylee asked for RC′s to push Film Fest videos, which are due on March 20.

Conlan Walsh motioned to end meeting. Lynette Buzzanca seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 10:09 p.m.