April 20, 2009

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Katherine Bull called the meeting to order at 9:34 p.m. and asked for prayer requests. Garrett Marvich said that we should pray for next year′s Residential Council. David Gettemy and Meg Diemer were absent. Nella Matthews and Shaka Snydor were in attendance to observe the meeting as members for next year′s executive staff.

1)Minutes: Garrett Marvich moved to pass the minutes from April 6, 2009. Amber Jobes seconded the motion. Motion passed 7-0-1.

2) Dorm Updates:

a. Pearce - Patrick Hardwig: Their retreat went very well and the staff has been busy finishing up their end of the year programs. Pat will present a proposal for the upcoming Brotherhood BBQ.

b. Memorial - Garrett Marvich: Kerr House took first place at the Big Bad Big Wheel Rally, and their black big wheel was featured in the Beaver County Times. Memorial′s third floor took last place, and Garrett said he was not able to be at the rally because of his participation in the Founder′s Day bike ride. Justin Yafanaro, a political science major, will be the new RC in Memorial next year, and Garrett thinks he will be a good fit.

c. Clarke - Megan Diemer: absent

d. McKee -Amber Jobes: The staff is finishing up the year with their final events. Amber has heard no update on the Spa Day. The last building team meeting is this Wednesday.

e. Young North -John Bennett: About 8 guys watched "Slum dog Millionaire" in his room, followed by a discussion of the movie. Young North now has a grill, along with utensil′s, a cover, and charcoal. Katherine Bull asked if the grill could be used for "Our Town". John will be making brackets for the Last Blast (taking place on May 2, 2009) and has been working hard to encourage people to stay and participate in the tournament.

f. Young East - Bonnie Rapp: The staff had their second building team meeting of the year, where they had dinner and played spoons. The staff will be camping in the lounge for their retreat on May 2, 2009. An RA also showed "Slum dog Millionaire" in Young East. Bonnie Rapp and Julie Allen are planning a breakfast during finals week, and will present a proposal.

g. Arms Men - Conlan Walsh: Conlan has talked to Brian Jensen, who said they are a little behind on planning for the Last Blast. Sarah Jensen made cookies for the winners of the March Madness Tournament.

h. Arms Women - Julie Allen: Out of the two female teams that participated in the Big Bad Big Wheel Rally, Arms Women were the winners. The breakfast for Arms Women and Young East will be held on May 6, 2009 and all girls from the apartments are invited. It will be held in the Arms lounge beginning at approximately 9:00 a.m. Bonnie and Julie are expecting a lower turnout because it is during finals week.

i. Houses - Lynette Buzzanca: The staff will be having their second building team meeting this Wednesday. Lynette wondered if she should attend the building team meeting or the combined project meeting and Tom Pyle said that she should attend her building team meeting. Lynette has heard that the Spa Day is being held on April 25, 2009. Kerr House was very excited about winning the Big Bad Big Wheel Rally.

j. Commuters - David Gettemy: absent. Katherine Bull announced that the new Commuter Representative, who will serve on the Commuter Cabinet, is education major, Ashley Shea.

3) Proposals:

Brotherhood BBQ: Pearce Hall will be holding an annual picnic on April 30, 2009 where all of the Hall′s former and current residents are invited back to join in fellowship at the annual Brotherhood BBQ. Some of the building team funds will be used for the BBQ. Pat Hardwig moved to allocate $300.00 to the Brotherhood BBQ. Garrett Marvich seconded the motion. Motion passed 8-0-0.

Finals Week RC Breakfast: Bonnie Rapp and Julie Allen will be hosting a breakfast for Arms Women and Young East on May 6, 2009. The breakfast will be hosted by BFCAT and held in Arms lounge. Julie Allen moved to allocate $150.00 for the Finals Week RC Breakfast on May 6, 2009. Bonnie Rapp seconded the motion. Motion passed 8-0-0.

Last Blast Prizes: Brian Jensen and Dan Williams are asking for help with prizes for the different tournaments at the Last Blast. The prizes will include trophies, gift cards, etc. Conlan Walsh thinks this could be the start of a great tradition at Geneva. Conlan Walsh moved to allocate $200.00 to go towards prizes for the winners of the men′s and women′s 3v3 tournament and to the winners of the whiffle ball tournament. John Bennett seconded the motion. Motion passed 8-0-0.

4) New Business: Katherine Bull: Our Town is on April 25, 2009 and attendance for the RC′s is mandatory, as well as for the rest of the GCSU. Tonight is the last RC meeting. Katherine Bull thanked the RC′s for all their work this year and commended them for their growth and continual improvement of the RC position.

5) Senate Update: Tom Pyle gave the update. Our Town will begin at 8:30 a.m. on April 25, 2009 and currently about thirty people have signed up. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for the Our Town participants. Tom will be meeting with Paul Pishioneri tomorrow to work out details. The last combined project meeting is Wednesday, April 22, 2009 and the last Senate meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 in NW013 due to My Generation Night auditions being held in the SPL offices. Katherine Bull said that results from Senate elections will be out this week.

6) Activities Update: Kaylee Wherry gave the update. Nella Matthews said that Dollar Date went very well. The couples went rollerblading in Cranberry and went to Fun Fore All. The participants also received a movie pass. Twelve hours of My Generation Night auditions will take place this week. MGN is May 1, 2009.

Garrett Marvich motioned to end the meeting. John Bennett seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 10:12 p.m.