September 22, 2008

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Katherine Bull called the meeting to order at 9:30 p.m., and John Bennett opened in prayer.

1) Minutes: Garrett Marvich moved to pass the minutes from September 8, 2008. Conlan Walsh seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-1.

2) Dorm Updates:

a. Pearce - Patrick Hardwig: Pat has spoken with Paul Perrine about purchasing a sign for outside of Pearce. Paul Perrine recommended that the RC′s take care of buying the signs that are needed on campus.

b. Memorial - Garrett Marvich: There has been some chaos in the dorms and general rowdiness. Memorial has a huge attic (filled with insulation) and Garrett would like to see something done with it. There is building team meeting this week and Garrett has had a one-on-one with his RD.

c. Clarke - Megan Diemer: Clarke′s building team will be writing journals about their expectations. Many girls have been moving in and out due to various issues. Megan′s floor will be going camping this weekend at Pisgah. She has noticed that the doors in Clarke are usually shut during the week and weekends. There have been questions about what the RC′s are to do about the homecoming floats this year.

d. McKee -Amber Jobes: Amber has passed out her newsletters. Mckee′s building team had a camping event at Pisgah, but it rained. Instead, the girls camped out at the president′s house and played card games. In the morning, her building team went to Pisgah and completed the high ropes course. There has been much positive interaction among the girls in Mckee.

e. Young North -John Bennett: John placed his newsletters in each of the apartment bathrooms. He has met mostly everyone in the building. Last week, one of the floors shot clay pigeons for an event. John has spoken with Bonnie Rapp and Conlan Walsh about holding a corn hole tournament among the apartments.

f. Young East - Bonnie Rapp: Their first building team meeting was last Wednesday, September 17. They have decided to set up a Facebook group for all the building team members to join. First floor had an event on Thursday and played Wii. It was a good turnout.

g. Arms Men - Conlan Walsh: They have had their building team meeting, and set up a few extra dates to meet so that the staff can accomplish more. Conlan is still looking into ways to obtain cleaning supplies for the apartments.

h. Arms Women - Julie Allen: Julie is still working on the bike rack issue and has spoken with Paul Perrine to move any un-used bike racks to a different location on campus. She went door to door and handed out her September newsletter and explained the purpose of her job to many of the girls in Arms.

i. Houses - Lynette Buzzanca: Barbato House has received their couches for their lounge/living area. At their first building team meeting, the staff discussed ideas for possible programs and events they could do for the year.

j. Commuters - David Gettemy: David has been thinking about ways to promote the new Underground. He would like to hold a get-together with doughnuts for the commuters in the Underground to introduce them to the new hang-out spot. There has been positive feedback and excitement from the commuters about the Underground Cabinet article.

3) Proposals:

"Arms Ping Pong Table Proposal" - Arms Men′s ping-pong table has been well used for many years. The table lacks a good net and is currently taped across the middle to attempt to hold it together. There has been an expressed interest by many students for a new table. Conlan Walsh thinks it would create a better atmosphere in the lounge. Conlan Walsh moved to allocate up to $500 to buy a tennis table for Arms Men. Megan Diemer seconded the motion. Julie Allen asked if the net could be fixed. Tom Pyle suggested that Conlan look into buying a table from West Penn Billiards, which is where the tables in the Underground were purchased from. Motion passed 8-1-1.

4) New Business:

Newsletters are due Monday, October 6 at 5 p.m.

Homecoming elections: The following Geneva students will represent their classes on the Homecoming Court Saturday, October 4: Freshman Class - Havilah Mohler and Micah Yarger; Sophomore Class: Jules Johnston and Barnabas Prontnicki; Junior Class: Taylor Longo and Conlan Walsh; Senior Class: Alex Shaver, Pat Mulligan, Micah Wright, Rachel Drake, Lindsay Moore and Ashley Luciano.

Friday, September 26, Mike Loomis is hosting a GCSU bonfire from 8-10 p.m. GCSU members should meet 7:30 p.m. in the Student Activities office.

At the last RC meeting, Katherine Bull asked the RC′s to come up with 2 needs that they see for their building and 3 needs for campus:

John Bennett: a new or repaired washing machine in the basement; plastic tubs for people to organize their laundry; pothole repair on the road near the Brig; a new bike rack; chips in the big are still a big complaint.

Pat Hardwig: wireless internet in the building; improve on school spirit with athletic posters in the stairwells; more lighting for all of campus; a place to hang out past midnight; a skate park on campus.

Julie Allen: new carpets for the apartment hallways and stairwells; a remote for the TV in the lounge; new furniture in the courtyard; one building that is open 24 hours a day to study; replacement furniture for the lobby of the field house

Amber Jobes: cleaning supplies; patio in Mckee could be fixed up and used more; opening the Brig on Friday nights and Saturdays; more lighting around Old Main and around the new construction areas; make Johnston gym an intramural sports building and have a new band building.

Bonnie Rapp: litter and trash cleanup around campus; Geneva needs to take care of each other and have a "love for neighbor" mentality; more friendliness on campus and in the residential halls; more community within the sister dorms through activities; TV and remote for the lounge.

Megan Diemer: new stove and new remote for lounge TV; complaints about bad furniture in the lounge; paving the paths to the dumpsters; better lighting and safety; more Clarke girls staying around on weekends; Student Activities events should bring the students together and not be so specialized.

Lynette Buzzanca: unstable garage behind Richardson should be renovated or torn down; new vacuum cleaners for Schoolhouse and Patterson; the overuse of Styrofoam cups; more handicap accommodations; Purchase additional card swipers for chapel; opening the Brig on Saturday′s.

Conlan Walsh: new ping pong table for the lounge; washers and dryers break a lot; cleaning supplies for the apartments; tennis nets for the outdoor courts; a need for the tennis court lights to come on before 8 p.m.; an outdoor basketball court.

Garrett Marvich: bigger trash cans for Memorial; an all-hall social; rugby field renovations; organizing a neighborhood watch program; fixing up the bike trail that goes through the old College Hill train station.

5) Senate Update:

There are 4 proposals for the Senate meeting on Wednesday, September 24. A big issue right now is the condition of the rugby field. Micah Yarger and Ted Northrop have met with Jeff Lydic about fixing it up, but there are questions about where the funding will come from. The organization of the Safety Committee is underway and is well supported by the faculty and administration.

6) Activities Update:

Tickets were sold out for the Pirates game was on Friday, September 19. Homecoming week events are as follows: Steelers′ game Monday; Applebee′s Tuesday; dodge ball Wednesday and Thursday; Wizard of Oz showing Friday. There is an after-party being held on Saturday, October 4 following the football game with wings.

John Bennett motioned to end the meeting. Garrett Marvich seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 10:33p.m.