October 11, 2007

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The meeting was called to order at 9:34 P.M. on Thursday, October 11, 2007. Ashley Grueso opened with a devotional, and Josh Lee led in prayer.

I) Announcements:

A) Craig Bender moved to pass the minutes of September 27, 2007. Janet Chamberlain seconded the motion. Motion passed 15-0-0.

B) Offices are being moved downstairs, to the location where the Cabinet was, during Fall Break.

C) Josh Lee was asked by Larry Hardesty to form a student committee to review the re-accreditation packet. He asked for any volunteers from Senate. Craig Bender and Tom Pyle volunteered.

II) Class Updates:

a) Freshman - One main priority of the class is the basketball courts, so they discussed how to begin this process. Also, talked about getting a stop sign/speed bump on College Avenue, by Clarke. There was some discussion on if something permanent was needed to slow traffic, but many agreed that it′s better to be cautious.

b) Sophomores - The class is going to work on getting sand for the volleyball court. Also discussed the Sophomore Class trip. One main idea is going caving, but deliberated idea of a dinner as well. For transportation the vans would be used, Taylor and Johanna Sprague would be the chaperones. The class is looking into making a video for the trip. Senators recommended a 1 minute video to be shown via the Web site. Also, are going to make a survey about chapel regarding what students want to see and what they don't want to see.

c) Juniors - The class has met with Noah Finley about the difficulties of off-campus housing. They plan on talking to Paul Perrine about different housing ideas to improve the process. Chito Samaniego is in the process of talking to someone from Grove City for an event after the Grove City vs. Geneva football game. Also, there is a junior class dinner at the President′s house next week.

d) Seniors - The class discussed the next class project. They are continuing discussions about the Commencement speaker. They talked about possible improvements that need done across campus. One main idea was the Commons Room, and doing something new and different with a space like a bowling alley.

- Josh Lee commented on the class updates. He wanted to encourage classes to continue to move forward on their projects as there had been two weeks in between the meetings and some of the projects were at the same place as the last meeting.

- Josh Lee mentioned some of the difficulties that the executives have had with contacting some of the Senators. He asked if there was a better medium to stay in contact with Senators. Josh asked that people would respond to e-mails on a regular basis, even if they are short. Josh warned the Senators of the three-strike policy.

III) Residential Council Update-Tom Pyle gave the update. There was no meeting this week or next week because of Fall Break. He talked with Rima Warren about the prizes; they need to know how many people will be rewarded from each building. Also, there are a couple people that are bringing dorm-lounge improvement proposals soon.

IV) Student Activities Update-Half.Past.Nine was held this past Tuesday and was called "Stylish Eclectic". There were a variety of art forms presented. Upcoming Events include: "The Game", held on October 19, 2007, which will be large scale scavenger hunt with teams of 8-10 people.

V) Committee Updates:

1) Ted Northrop-Food Committee-He met with Steve Bandi who wanted some feedback on the student′s perception of food. They talked about having a recipe contest in which Steve Bandi would provide prizes out of his budget and the final project would be to make an Alex′s cookbook. Josh Lee suggested that the specialty cooks could cook the winning dish. Also, they discussed the hours that Alex′s is open on Saturdays. Bandi said that he can change the hours easily but the amount of hours in the day has to stay the same.

2) Noah Finley and Craig Bender - Academic Committee - Both Noah and Craig were e-mailed late about the meeting and neither were able to attend.

3) Kelly DeFilippo, Chito Samaniego, and Emily Jensen - Chapel Committee - None of the members were able to attend.

4) Vanessa Schmuck - Budget Committee - NCMSLC proposal was presented and it is recommended to give $40 per person. Vanessa Schmuck moved to allocate $40 per student, up to $1200, for the NCMSLC Conference. Kelly DeFilippo seconded the motion. Discussion strayed from topic at hand. Ted Northrop moved to vote on the motion. Kaitlin Anderson seconded the motion. Motion passed 14-2-0. Original motion passed 12-2-2.

5) Our Town Committee Updates:

a) Advertising: The group met and discussed putting up signs in the buildings, making a grate sign, and putting an advertisement in Chapel.

b) Recruiting: Sign-Ups will be next Wednesday and Thursday. E-mails are sent out across campus to a variety of people in leadership.

c) Site Coordinator - Ashley Grueso called various churches in the Beaver Falls area. Ted Northrop called the Beaver County Office on Aging and is hoping to get responses this week. Craig Bender talked to Harmony and they wanted to re-pave the basketball court but it can't be done right now. Emily Jensen talked with Angel Foods and Lifeway, and they need 15-20 volunteers. Kelly DeFilippo is in the process of contacting Nursing Homes and Tiger Pause.

d) T-Shirts - Brandon Baughman inquired about the budget for T-shirts and thinking about limiting the number of T-shirts to the 1st 100 people to sign-up. Craig moved to allocate up to $800 for Our Town T-Shirts with the provision that any and all funds not used will be given back to the GCSU. Ted Northrop seconded the motion. Craig Bender moved to bypass the budget committee with this motion. Brandon Baughman seconded the motion. Motion passed 16-0-0. Original Motion passed 15-1-0.

Kelly DeFilippo motioned to end the meeting. Janet Chamberlain seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 10:52 P.M.