November 11, 2009

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John Bennett called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m. then opened in prayer. Lauren Zanker was absent. Courtney Baughman and Val Hamilton were her replacements.

I) Announcements

Luke Zimmerman motioned to pass the minutes. Jenn White seconded the motion. Minutes passed 12-0-0.

Town Hall meeting is tomorrow and there is a lot of interest from students and faculty.

II) Class Updates

a) Freshman - Ian Taylor gave the update. They have about 40 more students in their Facebook group. They used the group to advertise for the town hall meeting. They have prices for the cost of the class t-shirts. They have gotten in contact with the BFHS secretary and are working on organizing the community program they want to do. They are also working on doing a Christmas Party.

b) Sophomores -Gwen Ward gave the update. They are waiting on the graphic from the student that designed the t-shirts so that they can get an actual estimate on them. The "Price is Right" program snuck up on them and they are considering postponing it until next semester so that they can have a quality program instead of rushing to put one together. They are also considering going Christmas caroling during the holiday system.

c) Juniors - Jenn White gave the update. She talked to Nancy Graham about replacing the benches outside of Skye. The cost she gave them was $1000. They are going to see if there is any means they can use to find a lower cost. December 9 is the tentative date for their Geneva′s Got Talent class program.

d) Seniors - Luke Zimmerman gave the update. They scheduled a meeting with Nella Matthews about assistance with the programs that they are planning this semester.

III) Residential Council Update- John Bennett gave the update. There are three proposals this week. Two are for Open Door October winners and one for a Christmas tree in Young East.

IV) Student Activities Update- Nella Matthews gave the update. Film Fest is this Friday. Some new things this year include Mocktails and a photo booth. There are a lot of good films this year and it should be a great night. They also need help setting up for the Shane and Shane concert coming up on December 2.

V) Committee Updates

Chapel Committee- Gwen Ward gave the update. She encouraged everyone to come to the last chapel, but was not allowed to say who the speaker was.

Blood Committee- Luke Zimmerman gave the update. They spoke with the director of the Blood Drives. They are still having the drive on December 2, but instead of having it on campus they are going to have it at the United Methodist Church down the street from campus.

Budget Committee- Alex Cowden gave the update. They didn′t meet because there were no proposals this week, but they hung up flyers for the Town Hall Meeting in classrooms.

Legacy Committee- Ben Gibbons gave the update. They are working on setting up meetings with the Bible department to work on formulating a biblical perspective for the dancing policy. They are also going to talk to Kae Kirkwood to figure out when previous changes to the dancing policy were made and how they went about changing them.

Commuter Cabinet- Jenn White gave the update. They had their first meeting today. They tossed around some ideas which include a commuter parking lot, early registration, and a meal plan for them. They also talked about having a movie night event.

VI) New Business

Presidents Update- Kathleen gave the update. The Go Green stickers should be here this year. Physical Plant is putting a sink into the Brig so that students will have a station that they can wash their mugs and cups.

Ian Taylor motioned to end the meeting. Ashton Crawford seconded. Meeting ended at 7:14 p.m.