November 19, 2008

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Tom Pyle called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m., asked for prayer requests and opened in prayer. Seth Roush was present to thank Senate for helping to fund the Jamaica mission′s trip. John Bennett was also in attendance to present the Mexico Missions Trip proposal.

I) Announcements: There is no Senate meeting on November 26, 2008 due to Thanksgiving break. Kelly DeFilippo moved to pass the minutes from November 12, 2008. Ashley Grueso seconded the motion. Motion passed 12-0-0.

II) Class Updates

a) Freshman - Micah Yarger gave the update. They met with Jim Prince to discuss the courtyard furniture. They will be presenting a proposal at the next meeting. Micah asked if anyone was interesting in Christmas caroling for a local homecare center.

b) Sophomores - Ted Northrop gave the update and thanked Senate for helping with the open hour′s survey. Approximately 584 surveys were filled out and they are in the process of tabulating the results. This Friday there will be an article in the Cabinet about the open hour′s survey. The officers have been doing Splash Lagoon sign ups and t-shirt sales.

c) Juniors - Doug Miller gave the update. Their class meeting was spent discussing their class event. Doug had talked to Dave Rhoades about ordering the movie "Get Smart" and had asked him to wait until they had money from Senate to order the movie. The movie ended up being ordered before the proposal passed, and Doug wanted to clear this up.

d) Seniors - Kelly DeFilippo gave the update. Ashley Grueso heard from Cheryl Johnston and she was an advocate of the idea to put a Geneva sign on the turnpike. PA has specific regulations about putting new signs on the turnpike, and there is nothing that can be done right now. The Seniors will be doing a Christmas food drive and/or blanket drive, and will be getting boxes from Wal-Mart to be put in the dorms. Kelly DeFilippo asked if the RC′s could advertise.

III) Residential Council Update - Katherine Bull gave the update. Two proposals were passed at the last meeting for a Thanksgiving dinner at the apartments and an "Open Door October" prize proposal for Clarke Hall.

IV) Student Activities Update - Kaylee Wherry gave the update. They are in the process of planning for next semester and picked point people for all the events. Kaylee asked Senate how the Christmas Half.Past.Nine plans were coming.

V) Committee Updates

Chapel Committee - (Ted Northrop) About 5 people were in attendance. There have been some issues with the set up at chapel (because of the length of cables and wires). The seating arrangements will be changed for the last chapel of the semester. Ted Northrop asked for feedback from today′s chapel service.

Safety committee - (Katherine Bull) There was a work order in to have the front door of Schoolhouse fixed. The committee is trying to plan a "Safety Awareness Week" for the spring.

VI) New Business

"Junior Class Event Proposal" - The Junior class event is planned for Saturday, December 6, 2008. They have decided to show the movie "Get Smart" and wanted to have food, drink and popcorn for the event. They also planned on having class t-shirts made. They would like extra help with the set up and tear down. Resources Needed: $150.00 food & drinks, $450.00 for the movie "Get Smart" and $1,000.00 for class t-shirts (100 t-shirts at $10.00 each) totaling $1,600.00. On behalf of the junior class, Doug Miller moved to allocate $1,600.00 to the Junior class event/t-shirts and that it bypass the Budget Committee. All unused funds will be returned to the GCSU. Mariel Friedberg seconded the motion. Micah Yarger volunteered to help the junior class officers. Motion passed 12-0-0.

"Eight New Clubs Proposal" - The eight new Geneva campus clubs still need funding. This proposal was tabled several weeks ago. The guideline in past years is to give each new club $200.00. On behalf of the budget committee, Kathleen Bolton moved to allocate $1,600.00 to the 8 new Geneva College campus clubs. Ashley Luciano seconded the motion. Motion passed 12-0-0.

"Mexico Missions Trip Proposal" - A group of twelve will be traveling to Mexico to do missions work on January 3, to January 11, 2009. They will be doing various ministries such as: visiting a drug rehab center, a prison, an Indian village, a city orphanage and the city dump. They will also be painting, and giving English lessons. The total cost of the trip for each student is $900.00 (which includes the plane ticket, ground transportation, food, a love offering and ministry supplies). Hayley Faus moved to allocate $30.00 per student, for a total of $330.00 to the Mexico Missions trip. Ashley Grueso seconded the motion. Motion passed 12-0-0.

This Friday, there is an all GCSU meeting at 10:10 a.m. The new meeting model was discussed (which will include new project meetings). The details are still being hashed out. Kelly DeFilippo reminded everyone to be there to help at the Christmas Half.Past.Nine (especially with cleanup).

Ashley Grueso moved to end the meeting. Ted Northrop seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 7:24 p.m.