February 14, 2008

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Josh Lee called the meeting to order at 9:32 p.m. Vanessa Schmuck led with a devotional and opened in prayer.

I) Announcements

1) Clay Johnston noted a correction in the "Commons Room Committee" section and Kaitlin Anderson noted a correction in the "Quest Trip Proposal" from the minutes of February 7. Jackie Duffell moved to pass the minutes of Thursday, February 7, 2008 with the said corrections. Kaitlin Anderson seconded the motion. Motion passed 14-0-1.

2) There is an all GCSU meeting Friday, February 15.

II) Class Updates

a. Freshman - Ted Northrop gave the update. The class discussed the ice-skating event that will be held either Friday, February 21 or Saturday, February 22. Also, talked about their involvement in various committees.

b. Sophomores - Bethany Ragonesi gave the update. The class discussed the possibilities of the Commons Room. They are also thinking of having a "Go Green" Campaign and implementing things such as reusable sacks in the Brig and reusable cups across campus. Kathleen Bolton is looking into lounge improvements for Young.

c. Juniors - Kelly DeFilippo gave the update. The class discussed the Commons Room Proposal, and talked about potential changes in the Handbook. The class is still thinking about the internet issue.

d. Seniors - Jackie Duffell gave the update. The class has gotten clearance from Skye building managers and food service employees for the recycling bins that are now in the Brig. Also, talked about the budget update and adjustments with club money. The class is still working on Senior Week.

III) Residential Council Update - Tom Pyle gave the update. Young North is in the process of getting a new TV that the college already owns. Also, Josh Gmys is looking into new furniture and track lighting for Young North lounge.

IV) Student Activities Update - Brandon Baughman gave the update. "Film Fest" was moved to a later date because of lack of film submissions, and Student Activities is looking into a couple dates in April. Discussed the possibilities for MGN; possibly a "Guitar Hero" tournament which will be similar to the atmosphere of a Half.Past.Nine. On March 15 there is a Game Show based on the "World Series of Pop Culture" TV show.

V) Committee Updates

1) Food Committee - Ted Northrop and Bethany Ragonesi-Bethany is in contact with Calvin College because they have implemented "reusable cups". Talked about it with Steve Bandi and he is going to look into it more, and is willing to possibly reduce the price of beverages. The "Iron Chef" recipe books are close to being done, and will hopefully be printed on Monday. Brandon Baughman suggested the committee look into getting breakfast in the Brig for a meal swipe, and also a more efficient toaster.

2) Chapel Committee - Kelly DeFilippo, Emily Jensen, and Chito Samaniego-The committee was pleased with Chapel. Next week "Exodus" is coming and the ministry focuses on homosexuality.

3) Elections Committee - Tom Pyle-Elections for Executive Staff were today and yesterday. Clay Johnston asked how the results were going to be made public; Tom said he would notify the Cabinet and send out an all campus e-mail.

4) Library Committee - Miranda Dietz and Hayley Faus-Discussed the number of outlets available and are going to look into getting surge protectors. The committee is talking about changing the name of the committee to "Library Educational Technology Committee", and is also re-doing their missions statement.

VI) New Business

1) "Business Professors Appreciation Dinner Proposal": Jackie Duffell moved to allocate $500 to the Business Professors Appreciation Dinner. Brandon Baughman seconded the motion. Clay Johnston asked if the people going to the dinner were going to be paying; Vanessa Schmuck thought that it was their goal to make it free for the professors, but was unsure about the student′s costs. Kelly DeFilippo inquired about a similar proposal from last year; Vanessa Schmuck confirmed there was a proposal and no money was given last year. Tom Pyle noted that this proposal is for the needs of professors and not students, and serving student′s needs is the Union′s purpose. Motion failed 1-12-2.

2) Union University: Dean Jewell inquired if the Union would be interested in spearheading a fundraising event for Union University, the college campus that was damaged with a tornado that landed in their area. Jeff Kirksey noted that they are accepting a disaster relief fund to repair the campus and gift card drives. Ted Northrop recommended that if the Student Union wants to do this it should be open to the entire campus. Jeff Kirksey said that the hope is that the Student Union would drive the effort and solicit the help of others. Ted Northrop recommended that Residential Council take this project on and do something in their dorms. Clay Johnston suggested getting a combined group from Residential Council, Senate, and Student Activities and construct a "Task Force" to seek options. Clay Johnston moved to create a "Union University Disaster Relief Task Force". Ted Northrop seconded the motion. Clay Johnston, Miranda Deitz, and Hayley Faus volunteered to serve on the "Task Force". Motion passed 16-0-0.

3) Commons Room: Josh Lee met with Dr. Carson and presented his opinions regarding the Commons Room, but is not allowed to participate in the Leadership Team Meeting in which leadership will be discussing the Capital Budget. Josh hopes to know by Friday February 15 if the college is going to support the Union in this endeavor. Student Development has made the Commons Room their number one renovation priority. Emily Jensen, on behalf of the Junior class, discussed some potential ideas for the space, such as the PISGAH program. Also, there was discussion about the possibility of using Johnston Gym as a student space and renovating it for effective use. Jeff Kirksey said that using Johnston Gym was considered before. Brandon Baughman agreed that it would be hard to get students to go down to the Commons Room, and he validated the classes′ ideas. Ted Northrop recommended renovating the current Skye lounge to make it a student area and making the Commons Room the current study space that is in Skye. He noted that the size of the lounge is bigger than the Commons Room and could be more efficient to the whole student body. Kaitlin Anderson asked Senators to remember that people′s preconceptions can be changed.

Clay Johnston moved to end the meeting. Kaitlin Anderson seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 11:24 p.m.