February 21, 2008

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Josh Lee called the meeting to order at 9:32 p.m., and he led with a devotional and prayer. Ashley Grueso, Ted Northrop, and Kelly Defilippo were absent.

I) Announcements

1) Jackie Duffell moved to pass the minutes of Thursday, February 14, 2008. Kaitlin Anderson seconded the motion. Motion passed 15-0-1.

2) This year's Our Town, "Blitz Build", has been cancelled due to a lack of need by Hosanna Industries. This year′s Our Town will focus on supporting Union University in tornado disaster relief, and also the "Go-Green" campaign the Senators have been talking about. Josh Lee asked for opinions regarding this semester's Our Town. Clay Johnston suggested eliminating Our Town this Semester due to lack of time. Emily Jensen agreed and suggested partnering with City House for an event. Jackie Duffell suggested trying to impact Beaver Falls instead of another college. Josh Lee suggested still being part of the Blitz Build and sending an all-campus e-mail to recruit 10 students to participate each day of the March builds.

3) The Executive Staff met with the Alumni Council Saturday, February 16 and discussed how alumni could get more involved with students. The Alumni Council was informed of the Commons Room Proposal, to which they said they were interested in supporting. There has been no final decision made on any financial obligation, but they are in full support of the Union′s efforts.

II) Class Updates

a. Freshman: Miranda Deitz gave the update. The class discussed options for funding Union University. The freshman class ice skating event has been moved to the middle of March.

b. Sophomores: Bethany Ragonesi gave the update. They discussed the "Go-Green" campaign and possibly working with the Creation Stewardship Club. Brandon Baughman asked if they came up with more options; Bethany said they talked about possibly making the recycling effort bigger and getting more information out to students about recycling.

c. Juniors: Emily Jensen gave the update. The class discussed the all GCSU meeting last Friday. They also talked about the upcoming proposals and the Commons Room. Emily Jensen updated the class on the Club Funding process. Josh Lee asked about their discussion regarding the all GCSU meeting; Chito Samaniego said they saw a need for follow-up with what was discussed.

d. Seniors: Jackie Duffell gave the update. They discussed club funding and Senior Week. In regards to Cedar Point, they got some group deals and rates. Also, they are in contact with a masseuse school in Pittsburgh. Clay Johnston researched the possibility of paintball during Senior Week. Brandon Baughman informed them that Jeff Kirksey had information of a paintball place in Pittsburgh and they had information on masseuses from a previous Half.Past.Nine.

III) Residential Council Update - Tom Pyle gave the update. There was a proposal for a "Film Fest After Party" brought by Bonnie Rapp for Young East; RC decided to postpone it to solidify more details. The Commons Room proposal was also discussed. Young North will be receiving a new TV from Residential Life.

IV) Student Activities Update - Brandon Baughman gave the update. "Film Fest" is being planned with 25 submitted films, and the tentative date is April 4. "The Gameshow" is coming up and will be about the "World Series of Popular Culture" TV show. Half.Past.Nine will be held during International Week, after Easter break, and will feature an Irish theme and an Irish Band. Also, Student Activities will be helping out with the International Dinner. Chito Samaniego added that a Newsboys concert may conflict with the Film Fest date and the women's soccer team may be having their 3-on-3 tournament that night as well. Brandon Baughman said "Film Fest" could potentially be moved to Saturday, April 5.

V) Committee Updates

1) Chapel Committee - Emily Jensen, and Chito Samaniego- In committee they discussed the possibility of playing contemporary worship music before chapel started between 10:00-10:15 AM. The committee was agreeable to this. Overall consensus about this week′s chapel speaker was positive.

2) Union University Committee - There are plans to kick off a donation drive for Union University students next Wednesday. Also that night, during open hours Clay Johnston wants to work with Residential Council to promote this kick off and ask residents in their building to donate to the fund. The donations drive will continue through the end of the semester. The Cabinet will be covering the Union University tragedy.

3) Elections Committee- Tom Pyle gave the update. Next year′s executive staff results are: Tom Pyle for President, Katherine Bull for Vice President, Kathleen Bolton for Treasurer, and Lindsay Moore for Secretary.

VI) New Business

1) "Easter Event Proposal" - Dan Terracciano: The Evangelism class is holding their annual Easter Event to witness to non-Christian students ages 18-24. There will be drama, testimonies, speaking, and other evangelistic ministries. The money will be used for refreshments for attendees and supplies for the event. Clay Johnston asked how many people will be attending; Dan said upwards of 250. Vanessa Schmuck asked if it was mainly for Geneva students or if it was open to the public; Dan said it is specifically marketed towards Geneva students, but it is also open to the public. Clay Johntson moved to allocate $300 for the Easter Event. All unused funds will be returned to the GCSU. Jackie Duffell seconded the motion. Motion passed 13-0-2.

2) "Student Publications Proposal" - Rima Warren and Dann Yelen: Student Publications are in need of new furniture for their office because their current furniture is old and broken. They are asking for a new couch, love-seat, and a coffee table. Vanessa Schmuck asked about their atmosphere not being "respectable" as they said; Rima explained that they feel a deep desire for a "professional" office. Kaitlin Anderson asked if they have priced furniture; Dann said they have been in contact with Nancy Graham to see what they can afford with the money they receive. Vanessa Schmuck asked what the primary purpose of the furniture was; Rima stated that their main purpose would be to use it during discussion and lay-out. Josh Lee asked about the relationship between the "Chimes" and the writing center, and if there is available space; Rima said there was no known connection. Clay Johntson moved to send the proposal to the Budget Committee, who will give a recommendation after the Management Team gives their report on the Commons Rooms Proposal. Jackie Duffell seconded the motion. Motion passed 10-0-5.

3) "GCSU Constitutional Amendment Proposal" - Senior Class: Clay Johnston explained the proposal as being an amendment to the constitution to make it a rule that any time the Student Union passes a proposal about how the Union runs or how funds are allocated it must be abided by in the future. Clay Johnston said that in past years decisions have been considered as guidelines, not rules. This would add a third set of documents to the constitution in addition to the by-laws in order to make the guidelines binding. This would help Senate and Residential Council to commit to their decisions and official rules. Clay Johnston moved that Senate adopt the GCSU Policy Resolutions Amendment. Jackie Duffell seconded the motion. Bethany Ragonesi asked about the reviewing of this document by the Executive Secretary. Clay Johnston explained that the idea is to keep these resolutions current and make sure that all of them are necessary and not out of date. Motion passed 15-0-1.

Jackie Duffell moved to end the meeting. Kaitlin Anderson seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 10:59 p.m.