September 10, 2008

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Tom Pyle called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. and welcomed the new Freshman class officers. Tom Pyle asked for prayer requests and opened in prayer.

I) Announcements

Ashley Grueso moved to pass the minutes from September 3, 2008. Ted Northrop seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-3

II) Class Updates

a) Freshman - no updates

b) Sophomores -Ted Northrop gave the update. They hashed out their "Class Cookout" proposal. They discussed the following possible policy change: having family in your room during non-open hours (especially in the apartments.)

c) Juniors - Doug Miller gave the update. They have spoken with Jeff Kirksey and Ryan Holt about placing a CNN website link onto Geneva′s homepage. Mariel Friedberg emailed Toni Marshall from the Cabinet staff and Toni mentioned she would like to have a section in the Cabinet to talk about various political issues. Ashley Grueso said that the Cabinet is moving to a 12 page spread this year and that there would be room for GCSU minutes to be added to the paper. The Junior class officers are still looking into buying class t-shirts, as well as brainstorming for a class motto and a class event. They would like to see the courtyard improved this year with new furniture. Kaylee Wherry said that Ryan Holt and Jeff Kirksey contacted the courthouse about getting voter registration forms. The next Half.Past.Nine will have a political theme and Ryan Holt asked if the Junior class officers could meet with him and discuss ideas.

d) Seniors - Kelly DeFilippo gave the update. They discussed the Senior project further (a "G" bush for the stadium). Ashley Luciano contacted Physical Plant. Physical Plant said that they have already considered a different type of landscaping for that area, but that a "G" bush could be placed near the scoreboard. Update on homecoming week: the Senior class officers have met with PR about designs for the Homecoming t-shirts. They will be ordering less t-shirts than originally planned. The slingshot to be used at the Homecoming game has been ordered and received, and the bead necklaces are on their way. The Homecoming committee will be meeting after the Senate meeting to discuss the Homecoming After-Party.

III) Residential Council Update - Katherine Bull gave the update. At the last meeting, the RC′s split into small groups and discussed the purpose of their position. The RC′s feel that their purpose is to enhance communication, build community within the buildings and to be messengers between various student groups. Memorial won "Capture Your RC" on September 5. The RC newsletters are completed for the month of September. There are Homecoming nomination sign-up sheets in Alex′s on Thursday and Friday.

IV) Student Activities Update - Kaylee Wherry gave the update. Half.Past.Nine had a great turnout. The Student Activities coordinators would like to plan another Half.Past.Nine "Open Mic Night" to kick off the spring semester. "The Bee Movie" is being shown on Saturday, September 13 at 8:30 p.m. on Memorial Lawn. Friday, September 12 at 10 a.m. Pirate Tickets go on sale. Pirate tickets are $10 and the game is next Friday, September 19. Courtney Baughman asked where the seats were located and Tom Pyle said they are on the 3rd base line.

V) Committee Updates

Tom Pyle has a list of Faculty Committee′s that Senate members can sign up for: Academic Program Committee, Chapel Committee, Library Committee and Assessment Committee.

Chapel committee- Ted Northrop gave the update. He has talked with David Smith and is helping to pick out Psalms to sing. Ted Northrop may be playing next week in chapel. The chapel committee is working through the book, "Respectable Sins." An important topic of discussion has been the change in presentation software.

Security committee - Katherine Bull gave the update. Ashley Grueso and Mariel Friedberg volunteered to be on the Security Committee. Dennis Damazno is excited about this committee and would like to hear more of the student′s ideas.

Food Committee: (business from last year) The committee is looking for feedback about replacing the Styrofoam in the Brig/cafeteria and will be moving ahead with this possible change. They would like student feedback about the idea of eliminating the use of trays in Alex′s.

VI) New Business

"Sophomore Class Cookout Proposal" - The Sophomore class event will be held at Brady′s Run on September 21. There will be food provided, and sporting events such as frisbee, volleyball, corn hole, etc. They are renting out a shelter from Brady′s Run for the cookout. There will also be a bonfire, smores, and possibly a band from Geneva. Class of 2011 t-shirts will be sold for $3 and the proceeds will return to the GCSU. Food estimates are based off of their similar event from last year. Hayley Faus moved to allocated $1,610 to the Sophomore Class Cookout, with any unused funds (and proceeds from the t-shirts sales) to be returned to the GCSU, towards the Sophomore Class Cookout. Ted Northrop seconded the motion. Ted Northrop motioned that this proposal bypass the budget committee. Hayley Faus seconded the motion. Motion passed 11-0-1. Tom Pyle said that there may be a problem with having the event on a Sunday, and that the date may need to be changed.

Kelly DeFilippo motioned to end the meeting. Ashley Grueso seconded the motion. The meeting ended at 7:16 p.m.