September 16, 2009

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John Bennett called the meeting to order at 6:17 p.m. then opened in prayer.

I) Announcements

The Freshman class president Ian was present and introduced himself to senate.

II) Class Updates

a) Freshman - Not all officers have been elected/appointed yet so there are still no updates.

b) Sophomores - Gwen Ward gave the update. Got the emails out about the design contest and received one so far. There is still a week left, the deadline is September 25. They also talked about getting the wave pool reopened and trimming the trees around the G on the mountain.

c) Juniors -Ben Gibbons gave the update. Began looking at possibilities for class events: movies, ice skating, breakfast. Considered asking Panera to cater the breakfast. Also working on selling the excess "Class of 2011" t-shirts from last year.

d) Seniors - Luke Zimmerman gave the update. Talked about a Senior Weekend trip similar to the Mystery Bus Trip. Nella said that they think that would be allowed and that Student Activities will be willing to help plan it out. It would be exclusively for seniors and there would be a small cost to balance out the overall cost.

III) Residential Council Update - John Bennett gave the update. They discussed the role of the RC and gave building updates and feedback on their first building team meeting.

IV) Student Activities Update - Nella Matthews gave the update. This Friday is "The Game". Planning is still in the works and they are also looking for a little more help. The large number of teams participating has caused them to adjust parts of the search. Justice Week is coming up. Some planned events are a fundraiser for a community in Zambia, a speaker, a tent and a lot of passive information.

V) Committee Updates

Communication Committee-Shaka Sydnor gave the update. Senate Minute and Senate Speaks were approved so starting in October we will have a weekly column in The Cabinet and a once a month segment at chapel.

Elections Committee- Luke Zimmerman gave the update. They conducted the Freshman elections last week and have tallied the votes. Ian Taylor has won Freshman class president. The treasurer and secretary positions will be offered to the second and third place vote getters.

Homecoming Committee- Ben gave the update. We can make new tornado tattoos and the Public Relations office wants us to pass them out throughout campus especially during the dedications service. They also showed the new shirt designed and wanted us to pass out 4500 rally towels at the game.

VI) New Business

Homecoming Shirts- The Homecoming t-shirt design was given to us by Public Relations and they want us to sell the shirts. The shirts have a black and gold logo but will be printed on a brown t-shirt which would not allow us to promote or have a "blackout" during the Homecoming sporting events. Shirts will sell for $5.50, and the largest amount we can order is 1100. Public Relations is only buying 100 so any more we would have to order, but outside of the 100 the burden of the profit or loss would come on the Union. Kathleen Bolton called the question and said that we should make a motion to order shirts if we can get them in black, but if we could not then we will not order shirts.

Ashton Crawford made a motion to order 800 black homecoming shirts if it is possible and if it is not then we would only sell the 100 brown shirts that Public Relations orders. Luke Zimmerman seconded the motion. Motion passed 8-1-1.

Harvest of the Houses Proposal

The Houses building staff will be responsible for the execution of the event and are planning the event during their weekly meetings. Using last year′s costs for food, entertainment, and activities, plus a 10% price margin, the estimated cost will be $1648.00.

Motion to be made: That $1648.00 be allocated to the Houses staff for the Harvest of the Houses event.

Motion made by Gwen Ward. Motion seconded by Rachel Long. Opened up to discussion. Nella asked about where the funds were coming from and if any other building team members were using money from their funds. Lauren Zanker mentioned that $1648 from the RC budget this year would be almost 25% of their entire budget. Ashton Crawford made a motion to table the proposal until a more precise breakdown of the expenditures could be supplied. Alex Cowden seconded it. Motion passes 10-0-0.

President′s Update

Kathleen gave the update:

Town Hall

Will help w town hall and board of trustees breakfast. Ken Smith, Ken Carson, Kim Gall, Larry Griffith and Mike Loomis were the faculty and staff that were considered for the town hall. Cindy Cook was suggested. Shaka Sydnor would moderate.

Open Hours

Mike Loomis would like us to set up a meeting with Paul Perrine and draft a proposal to present to the board by October 10. The Legacy committee will be heading this up.

Insurance Issues

Kim Gall would like to set a meeting up with Lauren and Matthew to discuss the insurance issue for club sports.


President Ken Smith is open to changing dancing policy but says a submitted proposal must be thorough. The Legacy committee will also head this up.

Alex Cowden motioned to end the meeting. Ashton Crawford seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 7:29 p.m.