September 3, 2008

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Tom Pyle called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m. and opened with prayer/a devotional about God′s providence. Tom Pyle asked if there were any prayer requests.

I) Announcements

1) Ted Northrop moved to pass the minutes from Wednesday, August 27, 2008. Ashley Luciano seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-0.

2) An email was sent out regarding information about beginning a GCSU Bible study this semester. For those who are interested, there is informational meeting being held Friday, September 5 at 10:30 a.m.

3) Tom Pyle asked Senate to be thinking about "Our Town" ideas and possible work sites.

4) "Capture Your RC" is this Friday, September 5, 2008. Tomorrow all the RC′s will be wearing their "Capture Your RC" T-shirts. If people want to help out with the event they are to show up at 8:15 p.m. in the office on Friday.

II) Class Updates

a) Freshman - There are no freshman officers yet. There are several candidates for the positions.

b) Sophomores - Ted Northrop gave the update. The Sophomore class officers will meet on Monday′s at 2:30 p.m. this semester. They discussed last weeks Homecoming Week proposal as well as a variety of events they would like to plan for the year. Their ideas are as follows: planning a cookout at Brady′s Run on September 21 to kick off the year; purchasing Class of 2011 t-shirts; doing a fundraiser at some point during the semester that would benefit others. They also discussed bringing back the "Sophomore Streak" with a day trip to Cedar Point. The Sophomore class officers would like to focus on Geneva′s open hours policy. A survey about open hours was distributed last year, and they will be talking more with Paul Perrine. They would like to conduct another survey about the possibility of extending breakfast hours in the Brig.

c) Juniors - Doug Miller gave the update. The Junior class officers plan on holding meetings each Wednesday after Senate meetings. They have discussed the Presidential election and would like speak with the Cabinet about attaining a spot to write about this year′s election and political issues. The Juniors are brainstorming about having a webpage link from the Geneva website to CNN to bring about further discussion and Election awareness to Geneva students. There were thoughts about setting up a table outside of Alex′s to keep students informed and more involved with the elections. The officers would also like to design a class of 2010 t-shirt to promote class unity. Class activity ideas for the year are as follows: promoting Kairette and Upper Room; organizing a "Country Club" class activity on a Saturday afternoon with games such as corn hole, croquet etc.; a retreat to Cedar Point.

d) Seniors - Kelly DeFilippo gave the update. Their weekly meeting time for the semester is Tuesday evenings. The discussed the Senior project, and Ashley Luciano will call Physical Plant this week about their idea for a "G" bush for the new stadium. They talked about the new "chip basket" in the Brig and are not advocates of the new system. Their main discussion focused on their plans for Homecoming Week.

III) Residential Council Update - Katherine Bull gave the update. "Capture Your RC" is Friday, September 5, 2008. Katherine is receiving newsletters from the RC′s and said that the RC′s are really getting involved in their residences. She reminded Senate about the concern for security issues discussed at the All GCSU retreat, and said there are concerns from students about walking alone at night after class. Katherine Bull moved to form a Security Committee to target various security issues on Geneva′s campus. Ashley Grueso seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-0. The Security Committee will consist of an outer committee and an inner committee. The outer committee will be focusing on seeking help from Physical Plant to get better or new lighting on campus. Call boxes were another idea that the outer committee could think about. The inner committee will be focusing on the education of safety through self defense classes or informational sessions. Jeff Kirksey advocated this committee and explained that this sort of project is a big role of Senate′s and that it is important to target these kinds of campus issues.

IV) Student Activities Update - Kaylee Wherry gave the update. About 200 people attended Café Courtyard and the event was a success. Friday, September 5 is Coke′s and Clubs (10:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.) in the courtyard. Kaylee asked for two people to help tear down at 2:00 p.m. This week′s Half.Past.Nine will be an open mike night and sign- ups are in the GCSU offices. Sign-ups for Half.Past.Nine end Monday, September 8 at 3:00 p.m. Pirate game sign-ups are being held next week. Kaylee said tickets are selling for $10.

V) Committee Updates

1) Budget Committee - Kathleen Bolton gave the update. Club Funding is finalized. The GCSU is spending $2,800 less on Club Funding than last year for the reason of not wanting money to sit in accounts not being used. The Executive Staff and Budget Committee has decided to cut this funding. Kathleen Bolton asked for feedback from Senate about the Club Funding decisions. If any of the clubs do have need for more funding, an officer can make a proposal to the Senate. Kathleen Bolton made a motion to pass the club funding for 2008. Kelly DeFilippo seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-0

2) Chapel Committee - Ted Northrop gave the update. Meetings are on Thursdays this year and the committee evaluated the chapel service from the prior week and discussed what they can do better for the coming weeks. No big decisions were made and no significant conversations were held. Ted said there was positive feedback from students about President Smith speaking about chapel norms this past week.

VI) New Business

1) "Homecoming Proposal" - The Homecoming Committee (Ashley Grueso, Kelly DeFilippo, Ashley Luciano, Doug Miller, Courtney Baughman and Hayley Faus) are planning various activities for Homecoming Week. Their hope is to build relationships between students and the Beaver Falls community that participate in the Homecoming events. The Homecoming Committee would like to build school spirit and create enthusiasm at the football game. They would like to purchase the following: 850 Homecoming t-shirts (that will sell for $2 or $3 each), black/gold spirit beads and towels, a sling shot for distributing the t-shirts, poster board, paint, glitter, etc. On behalf the Homecoming Committee, Ashley Grueso moved to allocate $4,520 for the clothing and accessories to be purchased for Geneva′s Homecoming Week. The Homecoming Committee will return any money made through fundraising to the GCSU. Kelly DeFilippo seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-0. Kelly made a motion for this proposal to bypass the Budget Committee. Hayley Faus seconded the motion. Motion passed 9-0-0.

2) Tom Pyle reminded Senate that their main role as Senator′s is to focus on campus improvements, policies, and to be an advocate for student body. Tom Pyle read the Senator′s general responsibilities from the Constitution.

Ted Northrop motioned to end the meeting. Ashley Grueso seconded the motion. Meeting ended at 7:35 p.m.