Geneva College


Proposal Form


Writing a proposal is a great way for you to make use of your student government. Think of it as an opportunity to present your ideas and requests for deliberation. In the past, typical ideas and requests have included:

· Event funding
· Campus improvements
· Policy changes
· And more

While no proposal is ever a guarantee, they do ensure your voice being heard; and being heard is the first step to bringing change.


Step #1: Title and date
(Subject Matter)

Step #2: Description and details
(Who, What, When, Where, Why)

Step #3: Resources needed
(How, Costs)

Step #4: Motion to be made
(State request in 1-2 sentences)

Step #5: Name and contact
(Keeping in touch)

Submit your proposal online:
Motion to be made:

NOTE: Your attendance (or someone in your stead) is required at the meeting in which your proposal is being heard. This is for any comments and questions that people may have about your proposal. (Meeting times and location can be found on the Contact Page.) Thank you for your participation!