Sportsware Instructions

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(Incoming Freshmen or Transfer Students)

Geneva College Athletic Department is requiring all student-athletes to enter their personal and health history information into our online database. This is a secure database accessed only by the athletic training and approved administrative staff. The online database replaces the paperwork that we were previously using. Please follow the instructions on how to log on for the first time and enter your information.

  • Log onto: (use Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari)
  • Click on the blue tab that says ‘Join SportsWare’
  • Enter the following School ID code ‘GenevaCollege’ (all one word, capital G and C)
  • Enter your information (first name, last name, valid e-mail address and group (Geneva College)), click Send. At this time, a request will be sent to the athletic training staff for approval onto the system. Once you have been approved by the staff, you will receive an email with a link to add/reset your password. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and log-in and complete the following information:
    • Click on ‘My Info’ at the top and add all information in the appropriate boxes.
      • General: First name, Last name, Geneva ID, Social Security Number, Class, Gender, Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), you may add a picture but it is not necessary, add all sports you will be playing and be sure to add the group as Geneva College
      • Address: Current address, home phone, cell phone
      • Emergency: Contact information for two (2) contacts being sure to include home phone, cell phone, and work phone if applicable
      • Insurance: Add all information for your primary insurance. You must have health insurance in order to be cleared to participate in athletics at Geneva College. If you have a secondary plan with your family, please add that, if not, leave the secondary information blank.
      • Medical: List dates of all immunizations, primary care physicians name and phone number, medications taken. *Please list any allergies in the ‘Doctor Notes’ section.
        *At this point be sure to click ‘Save’ to save your information
    • Click on ‘Med History’ at the top and answer all questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ All questions answered ‘yes,’ please provide comments in the corresponding box.
    • Click on ‘Forms’ and add the following forms for acceptance:
      • Copy of Primary Insurance Card (both front and back!)
      • Insurance Program Acknowledgement Form
      • Assumption of Risk, Consent to treat, & HIPPA form
        * Please make sure to label your forms with the appropriate name
        *Your forms must be accepted by the athletic training staff. Please check back to make sure your forms have been accepted. If your forms are not accepted, you will receive an e-mail or text message explaining why and what steps must be taken in order for the forms to be accepted.

If you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, please be sure to read the documents on the Geneva College sports Medicine webpage and take the necessary steps for proper documentation. Those forms may be turned into the Athletic Training Staff upon arrival to campus.