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Biblical Wisdom

October 17, 2017

Celebrating a Biblically Based Conflict Resolution Day

Inevitably we all will face conflict in our lives. While it has historically is viewed in a negative light, we see it a tool to not only grow our faith but cultivate fruitful relationships as well.

Everyday Living

October 11, 2017


Depression is something that is hard to articulate. It is different for everyone. The symptoms are different for everyone. Explaining depression to someone who has never dealt with it is extremely difficult to do.

Everyday Living

October 7, 2017

Five Great Sports Movies for Motivation

As daylight grows scarce and the temperature cools, you may find yourself needing a boost of motivation. Here are five great sports movies to inspire and motivate you on movie night.

Biblical Wisdom

October 2, 2017

Honor is not fitting in a fool

Proverbs 26:1 – “As snow in summer and rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting in a fool.” The honored fool in this proverb is an unshakably self-confident person who cannot be taught and rejects good advice.

Adult Students

September 25, 2017

Finding Financial Aid after Starting Your Degree

Learn how you can maximize financial aid, even after you have started pursuing your degree!


September 22, 2017

Does Purity Matter Today? Why Teens Still See the Importance of Purity

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. - 1 Timothy 4:12

Adult Students

September 20, 2017

Getting the Back to School Bug? Flexibility and Affordability Are Yours for the Taking

Concerned with what it takes to reenter school? Whether you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree or finishing a bachelor’s program, push those worries aside and learn about the flexibility and affordability available to adult learners.

Campus Life

September 18, 2017

Avoiding the “Sophomore Slump”

In the second year of college, some former freshmen who began with such enthusiasm fall victim to what is known as “the Sophomore Slump." Their excitement has turned to annoyance, and instead of being dedicated, they feel dejected. These 5 tips can help.

Program Spotlight

September 15, 2017

Help the World, Help Yourself: A Career in Criminal Justice

In a sin filled world inevitably sinful behaviors erupt in society. We have an opportunity to be the change we want to see by entering into the Criminal Justice field.

Campus Life

September 9, 2017

Looking Back on Senior Year: Some Advice for Seniors

Everyone says time flies in your senior year, and sure enough, time does really fly by in senior year more than any other year. So, seniors, here's some free advice I have while looking back on senior year.

College Preparation

September 5, 2017

A Student's Experience in Geneva's L&T

I recall the benefits of L&T when thinking about the week I turned in my first college paper and took my first college test. I did not receive the grades expected. It wasn’t until the following week’s L&T class that I was able to put some of my worries to rest.

Biblical Wisdom

September 1, 2017

Do not be envious of evil men...

Proverbs 24:1-2 – “Do not be envious of evil men, nor desire to be with them. For their heart devises violence, and their lips speak of troublemaking.” Why want to be around evil men? Power! Do not be envious of such men, let alone join them.


August 30, 2017

Grief: Hope Through Faith

At some point in life, we all will experience grief in some form. While we are going through we may feel alone, but we must know even through grief our Heavenly Father is a keeper and comforter.


August 27, 2017

On What Should a Christian College Be Grounded?

On the cusp of a new academic year here at Geneva College, I'm reflecting about the question: "On what should a Christian college be grounded?"

Campus Life

August 24, 2017

Welcome Back! 5 Tips for a Successful Semester

Whether a new freshman, transfer or returning student, we pray you have an amazing year! Here are a few tips as you begin the next phase of your journey.

Biblical Wisdom

August 21, 2017

Biblical Worldview: How Do You Interact with Millennials Who Lack One?

As Christians, a solid foundation in our biblical viewpoint is important now more than ever. How we communicate our stance will help foster a mutual respect despite encountering those who have a different world view.


August 18, 2017

Celebrating Flight on National Aviation Day

God has gifted people with talents and abilities that have allowed our world to advance tremendously. We take a day to celebrate the development of aviation and spread awareness of the great need of more talented pilots!

Humanities and Liberal Arts

August 11, 2017

My Favorite Class at Geneva College

If anyone had reason to feel challenged, it was me. I took my first humanities class as one of three night classes in the spring semester of my freshman year. But what happened was surprising.

Study Abroad

August 7, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

If you are contemplating studying abroad but have a seed of doubt, this post is for you. From a student who has studied abroad, trust me, you will not regret it. Why not? Here are 7 reasons why you.


August 4, 2017

Running through Life with Thankfulness

I wanted to begin my run the other day, and I was soon frustrated trying to find a brand new pair of shoes I just bought. I couldn’t find them anywhere. The anger grew until about halfway through my run wearing older, more worn shoes.