Geneva College


Bomb Threat

Although a bomb threat is unlikely, it is necessary to plan for such an eventuality. Bomb threats rarely involve real explosives but must be taken seriously at all times. Contact Geneva Security by campus phone at ext. 5678 (724-847-5678 from off-campus) or the security cell phone at 724-846-9632.

  • If bomb threat is written, handle it as little as possible to preserve evidence.
  • If bomb threat is called in, remain calm and try to obtain information
  • Record time of threat
  • Record exact words of threatening person
  • Ask as many of the following questions as possible:
    When is the bomb going to go off?
    Where is the bomb located?
    What kind of bomb is it?
    What will cause it to explode?
    What is your name?
    Where are you?
  • Identify, after evacuating, if the person issuing the threat is:
  • Identify any characteristics about the voice? (lisp, nasal, gravelly, high?)
  • Identify the person′s environment:
  • Always take bomb threats seriously.