Dr. David Carson remembered

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Dr. David Carson

I always respected his integrity and intellectual thought processes. He would gently nudge his students to explore both sides of an issue before drawing a conclusion. His political science classes were always enjoyable--I did not miss a single one!

- Beverly Steward Wordsworth '65

"I am saddened to hear the loss of Dr. David Carson. I had the privilege to take POL 352 Great Issues. His lectures were very interesting and his analogies to bakeries and donut shops are fondly remembered."

- Adrienne Duris '92

"Dr. Carson was the accompanist for my senior recital. I had performance anxiety (still do as a music teacher) but his calm, encouraging and kind demeanor helped me succeed in what may have been too terrifying an experience otherwise. He left a lasting impression on me. Thank you Dr. Carson."

- Mary Lynne Millar Ketcham '88

We will greatly miss Dr. Carson. It was always a pleasure meeting him and his wife at reunions. They seemed to have made a special effort to visit with the alumni that they knew at homecomings. I also fondly remember spending several Sunday afternoons with them during my college years. David Carson's poly-sci class also had a very profound impact on my views of politics after graduation. I am now grateful that it was a required course. His influence will live on for a long time.

- Eric Bennett '87

My father, Stewart Lee, and Dr. Carson were lifelong colleagues at Geneva. My father had tremendous respect for his intellect and gentle spirit. Although I completed my bachelor's degree at another institution, I did take Dr. Carson's Great Political Issues one summer and was grateful I did because there began a conversation which lasted thoughout the years. One of my cherished memories is listening to a sermon Dr. Carson preached at College Hill R. P. Church. He said that he thought that there might be too many sermons about the sovereignty of God, and not enough about the love of God. As I listened, I realized how thirsty I was to hear that. One of his most distinguishing characteristics was having a non-judgmental spirit. He knew what he believed; however, he found questions neither offended him nor caused him to question the questioner's faith. I will remember him for that.

- Kathryn Lee

I remember him when I hear "Tea for Two", which he and I played for a celebration for the British visiting professor Donald Drew in the mid-70's. What I saw in David Carsen I would like to see more of in myself.

- William Viss

Every summer when my sister, Karen, and I get together, we always make a comment about how much our Geneva College education has meant to us throughout our many stages of life. Dr. Carson's class was a part of that. I will always remember him as very thought provoking, gentle and kind. May his family find great comfort in knowing he is with our Lord.

- Terri Bowser Milne '78

What a gentle presence Dave demonstrated as he taught and visited with us around Geneva campus! Dave and Marggy's home was a very welcoming place, even as recently as last year. Jim Elsey and I had the privilege of helping them move into that home my freshman year at college. They promised to invite us over to roast marshmallows in their fireplace when it was ready. Dave reflected Christ in his calm quiet spirit. I was pleased to be a member of his family since Marggy's mother Elizabeth and my mother were first cousins.

- Mary Gardner Worsham

I have known Dr Carson since I was a child, and I had him for Poly Sci, but I got to know him best when he was the pianist for our production of "The Fantasticks," and I was in the cast. On closing night, after the final curtain, he said to the other musicians, "Shall we do it again?" and they proceeded to play through the entire score one last time. I rejoice that he can now make music for our Lord.

- John Park '67

My memory of Dr. Carson is as a patient and calm person (and advisor) who challenged me to think and analyse. I have not often thought about the content of his classes, however I have thought about the kind of person he was.

- William A. Thomas

During my five years at Geneva, David Carson was always a friend, mentor, and encourager. His godly wisdom and calm temperament were a blessing to me on many occasions. And he shared his lovely daughter as my first assistant. :) I miss him, as do so many whose lives he touched.

- Brad Jacob, Regent University School of Law

Dr. Carson was a member of my extended community as I grew up. As a child, he was a person who made me feel that all was right in the world. The world, I thought, would be safe and secure as long as he and others like him were present. What a great sense of security, stability, and warmth he lent to his church community and the families in it. He is as others have said-- truly exceptional, a person whose words and actions were characterized by patience, love, and grace. I am so grateful to have known him.

- Rachel Downie Flinner

Dr. Carson was at peace with God and with man and exemplified what it means to be in Christ. He was my instructor and mentor, and a friend for life. The first person I met at Geneva, Dr. Carson greatly impacted my college years and my adult life. He was a humble giant among men and a wonderful human being. I am grateful for having known him and will sorely miss him.

- Howard W. Triance - 1971

Thoughts of Dr. Carson are among my warmest memories of Geneva College.  He was a great teacher!  I love the study of political science to this day.  He also accompanied me for my senior vocal recital.  I appreciated his generosity, his sly, never harmful, wit and self effacing manner, his wisdom and his strength.  To God be the Glory.  Through Dr. Carson's life, great things He has done.

- Donna Smith Briesemeister '67

Dr. David Carson was one of my favorite professors.  His Political Science classes were outstanding and one of the highlight courses that everyone took at Geneva. He has served his God well through his tenure at Geneva and is truly a role model for all of us as we try to fulfill our role here on earth.  I'll bet when he passed, there was a smile on his face...Well done, good and faithful servant."

- Renny Clark '65

Dr. Carson (or as I knew him for all of my life – Uncle Dave) was one of the kindest and most humble people that I have known in life.  As I came to understand the depth and breadth of the intellectual gifts that God bestowed on him, his kindness and humility have become all the more remarkable.  While his primary vocation was as a college professor, he was also an ordained pastor, and I had the pleasure of hearing him preach from time to time.  It is my strong impression that his consistent purpose in the pulpit was to ever so gently encourage the flock to rest wholly in the loving and merciful arms of Jesus Christ who paid the debt for our sins.  I know that I came away from his preaching encouraged that though my own life was (and is) riddled with failure, that Jesus′ love and sacrifice was overwhelmingly sufficient for me, and for those who believe.  I will miss him, but I am thankful that he has been released from the physical and mental infirmities that had come to dominate his life.

- Ken Carson, Provost

Early this morning my uncle, David M. Carson, went to heaven.  While we delight that he is now in glory and free of the Alzheimer′s disease that had taken away so much of his life already, we still grieve along with all of those who will be saddened by his death.  "Uncle Dave" was a huge supporter of BCCS and of me personally.  Both of his children graduated from BCCS, Betsy (′80) and Christi (′87) and his three grandchildren are all currently at BCCS: Will (10th), Daniel (6th), and Maggie (4th).  It is an understatement to say that Uncle Dave had tremendous academic, artistic, and spiritual gifts, but he used those gifts in service to Christ with deep humility.  He will be remembered by me and by those at BCCS who knew and loved him as a true servant-leader.

-Doug Carson, BCCS High School Principal

I have fond memories of my time in Dr. Carson's class.  He had a quick wit and a generous spirit; a godly man.

- Gordon Lewis '80

I remember Dr. Carson as a warm and gentle man who consistently brought sometimes tedious political essays to life. Anyone aspiring to be a teacher, or a better teacher, need not look further than Dr. Carson.

- Pete Schreffler

Dr. Carson was a source of inspiration and encouragement during a difficult period of my life. I have adopted his favorite question in class -- "Is that right?" — in my own teaching practices. But there is something he excelled at that I've tried not to adopt — spilling coffee on his shirt and tie. What a wonderful man.

- Michael Long

My memories of David Carson are too numerous to recount here. One of the best from my college days was being part of "Bookies" led by Dave, Norman Carson, and Bob Tweed~Carson, Carson, and Tweed. Also, the fact that after graduation, he insisted I call him Dave. Imagine being on a first name basis with a man of his calliber!

- Joyce Lynn

Dr. Carson was a brilliant man and a great teacher. My husband and I were in a political science class with him when we attended Geneva. Because of that class, I have often questioned whether or not I should have studied the law instead of Music. He made that kind of impact on my life. He will be greatly missed.

- Eric and Marlene Rushmore

Chapel talks made my day. He conveyed a confidence that carried over to days at GENEVA and my life today. GOD bless him as my Saint.

- George Dzan '56

Dr. Carson was a prince of a man by any measure. Learned, humble, gracious and discerning are a few words to describe a pastor and professor who was deeply in love with God, his family, friends, students, colleagues, church and community. His legacy is immense. I am privileged to have known him as a professor, friend, mentor and fellow-pastor. As the old Puritans would say of a godly man or woman who had lived an exemplary life, "he was fit for heaven." I thank God that he has gifted each generation with a sprinkling of saints like David.

- Tim Russell '79, former Geneva College chaplain

I was privileged to take a political science class with Dr. Carson and to learn for the first time the difference between liberal and conservative viewpoints. I am blessed by the friendship of his daughter Christi and am thankful for the way that he raised his daughter to be a godly woman and a thinking Christian. My family and I visited Dr. Carson in the Home this summer. Though he suffered from Alzheimer's, we were impressed by the love that he showed to other people and that he was still able to delight others with his talents on piano. My heart grieves with his family and friends but sings with joy that he is with His Savior.

- Melissa Hemphill Hindman

I remember Dr. Carson to be one of the most gentile and kindest of men. That same spirit lives on in his daughters. I look at Christi, whom I've known as a close friend and have experienced the joy of singing with, and see this same gentle and kind spirit! He has touched many lives, other than mine, and will continue to through his loving family and friends. Thank you Dr. Carson! You will be missed dearly and remembered fondly!

- Lew Atkinson

Dr. Carson was a wonderful leader by example as well as a scholar. As a child, he was my first summer Bible School teacher many years before I had the privilege of taking his Political Science class and having him as an advisor. His instruction, comments, summaries, advice, tutelage, and inspiration have provided me with a life time of wonderful Christian direction. What a blessing to have known a Christ-like man who truly rests in Peace.

- Karen Macioge Coggins, '67

A real gentleman.

- Joe Downs '70

As the first in my family to attend college I approached studies such as "Political Science" with great awe. Dr. Carson with his humble, Christ like manner put my anxieties at ease and I was able to benefit from a talented,yet humble servant of his craft.

- Gary Locuson '80

It is with inner grief and sadness to learn about the passing of a legend--a gifted professor fresh out of a Ph.d program from an elite university to come to a small college and teach his favorite course which every student had to take. As believers in Christ, he enriched our lives at an early age with his compassion, warmth, care, and unquestioned love for mankind. I am so sorry to see him leave us, but our sole comfort is to remember that he helped add value to our lives and destiny.

- Elias M. Awad

Dr. David Carson was a brilliant professor, and a gentle man. He was a beautiful witness to his students and friends. He trusted Jesus for his salvation and obeyed God's call to love mercy and justice, and walk humbly. He invested his heart in that which is eternal and touched the minds and hearts of his many students. My final paper for his poli-sci class was in the form of a drama on the immigration regulations in the late 50's...he was most kind in his encouragment and comments about something which I had idealistic hopes would be resolved.

And here we are 50 years later. Thank you to the family for sharing your dear father and husband with so many of us. He was a great man who made an impact on my life in an everlasting way, and I thank God for his witness. Eternal rest to our dear mentor.

- Margaret A. Metzger Emelson

David Carson was a good man — in all manners and all aspects. The essence of Dr. Carson is captured by all our memories. He was a very good friend of and to my father, Paul Arnold, and my mother thought the highest of him. He was a teacher that brought insights and understanding to students on a topic that had no initial attraction to many young men — but who learned through Dr. Carson the relationships of principles, policies and beliefs and how to interpret events and underlying conditions that have impact to events, both past and in development. It was here that he was also able to provide strong and persuasive ties to his strong religious convictions. It was all good — even if you did not really understand it for years. David Carson will be missed but he remains in our best memories.

- Fred Arnold

I met David Carson when I started attending Eastvale RP Church in 1990. He and his wife took me into their hearts and their home and treated me like family. He even gave — yes, I said gave — me a car once, so that I could take a full time job. I′ll never forget the look on his face the first time I dented it. It was the first time in my life I ever remember really feeling like a daughter. He has been an Elder, teacher, friend, mentor, supporter, cheerleader and too many other things for me to count. He and Margaret were my first taste of the love of Christ. They gave me a hunger to want to know HIM more and be like HIM. Their sincerity and faithfulness brought me to an understanding of who I wanted to be for Christ and they encouraged me and supported my efforts to that end. Dr. Carson's preaching and teaching made the words of Scripture come alive and "squirrel" their way into the hearts of their hearers. He knew so much about so many things, I often found myself c urled at his feet on their living room floor, talking for hours. Their door was always open and their smiles always welcoming, and I never left their home in the summer without a hand full of his beautiful and fragrant roses that he grew in his garden. He jumps into my mind every time I smell roses to this day. His laughter sounds like home to me and being back to Beaver Falls will never seem the same without him there to laugh at my crazy stories and stupid jokes. I will miss David Carson so much. Because of the Lord, who I came to know better because of Dr. Carson and the support of he and other friends I've come to love in the church, I graduated from Geneva, became a teacher, married and established a covenant home. I feel safe in saying that I wouldn't be where I am today without the work of Christ in my life through Dr. Carson. I'm glad he's Home now and free from the chains with which disease and this world had weighted down that beautiful spirit. I look forward to the time when we can worship our Creator again, this time face to face!

- Michelle (Mazzant) Fulk

Dr. Carson had a profound impact on my life. I was scared to death of politics, especially a class involing them. Then I took Political Science with Dr. Carson. His kind spirit, well rounded knowledge and wonderful sense of humor brought me in. His way of enlightening the entire class, made it one of my favorites at Geneva. He prepared me for an interesting future, where my parents and my inlaws were on exact opposite sides of the political spectrum. I know without a doubt and am sure that family and friends would agree that he is now at home with the Lord!

- "Captain Kent" Haberern

Dr. David Carson was my advisor and teacher during my two years at Geneva. He epitomized for me what a Christian should be like in a godless world. He was a warm and gentle man with a scholar's mind and keen intellect. My sympathies to the Carson family. Having been through the curse of Alzheimer's with my father-in-law, I know that while you will miss Uncle Dave, you will rejoice in his release! God bless your family and the Geneva community.

- Michael Kane '76

. Carson was my favorite Professor at Geneva and I learned a great deal from him in class and outside the classroom. He will be missed by many. When our son attended Geneva and majored in Music Education, Dr Carson was accompanied him on the piano. What a great help Dr. Carson was to him and his career. At Geneva Women we always enjoyed his sharing of his trips and knowledge with us. God Bless.

- Janet Wherry Wise '64

I never ceased to be amazed by Dr. Carson's deep interest in Liberia. When we encountered each other on the street — whether on the lawn at his home or as he strolled on College Avenue — we had to stop and talk about the situation in my motherland. Dr. Carson's deep interest and concern for Liberia was uncommon. He always kept me on my toes learning more about my own country. He knew as much about Liberia as anyone I know, including Liberians. But the grace and tenderness with which he presented himself were beyond remarkable. What a man! I will miss him.

- Richard Morris

We are all grateful to Dr. Carson for what he taught us about Philosophy and about life.

- John Snyder '90

Dr David Carson was a favorite professor of mine. I remember him as godly, witty, wise, gentle and patient. He was a wonderful teacher who welcomed and encouraged provocative thought and he was an excellent role model. My most sincere condolences to the family!

- Mary Grace (Ekder) Graham '84

As a young Christian student at Geneva College, Dr. Carson taught me much about the faith through his gentle and humble words and actions. I saw him as a peace-maker; and then when I became a colleague of his, I continued to see how much he was a peace-maker for the honor and glory of his Lord. When Dr. Carson would see me he greeted me as if I had been his best Pol Sci student ever (of course I was not!), and he smiled at me as if he had just been waiting to see me again. He had a way of making us all feel special. He was a child of the King!

- Romaine Jesky-Smith '74, Professor of Education

I first met David Carson in the 1940s and was fortunate to briefly reconnect with him a few months ago at Geneva. To me, David will always represent the RP Church at its best. He is not gone. He is one of the faithful witnesses who, Paul said, surrounds us here on earth.

- Jack Oliver '51

Dr. Carson was one of my favorite professors. He is a prime example of a great education at Geneva.

- Joseph A. Narkiewicz '65

Dr. and Mrs. Carson, Betsy, and Christi were some of the first people I met when I came to Geneva in the fall of 1981. During my time at Geneva I attended the Eastvale RPC where Dr. Carson was an elder. The Carsons welcomed me into their lives, and I shared their dinner table many times. I loved having a Mom- and Dad-away-from-home to whom I could get godly advice, a home-cooked meal, and a place to relax out of the dorm. The Carsons hosted wonderful Psalm sings several times a year, packing their living room with college students. Most of my trips back to Beaver Falls in the post-college years have included a visit to their home at 3606 College Ave. It was in Dr. Carson's Poly Sci class that I first became politically aware. I remember being frustrated when I first had to figure out if a magazine was liberal or conservative, but now it is easy. Dr. Carson and his family made a deep and lasting impact in my life, and I am grateful to be able to share a glimpse of that here. My prayers are with his family.

- Scott McBurney '85

What a kind and thoughtful man! I knew him and the husband of my second cousin, Margaret, but also as an inspiration to many of my friends and classmates '47. Our congratulations to his family.

- Bill Elliott '70

A beautiful man. A life well lived.

- Robert Bruce Smith '69

I enjoyed his Political Science class. I took it at night, in 1962. There were a few radicals in the class. Doc Carson kept them straight. His essay tests were tough but, fair. Don't mis-spell a word or miss some punctuation...I always lost 5 points on every test. I was an Engineering student not an English major. My sympathy on his passing. May God bless him.

- John Toth '69

I felt an immediate sadness when I learned Dr. Carson is no longer with us. Our family attended the same church as the Carsons while I grew up and I remember him as kind and serious about his desire to please God. At Geneva, he was a prof who held my attention and stimulated my thinking. My condolences to his family.

- Ted Wilcox '71

Dr. Carson's passing represents another "end of an era" event for me, and I am certain for many, many others. There are only a few folks still alive who represent that cohort of faculty who were at Geneva when I was a student, those who were wonderful people, strongly committed Christians, and gifted professors in many ways. Dr. Carson was one of them. On many occasions, I have said to others that his Poly Sci 352 course was my favorite one. And I, too, was privileged to hear him preach on several occasions.

He will be missed but,he is present with his Lord and Savior, released from his limitations and now fully restored. My condolences go out to his family during this time of deep sadness mingled with joy.

- James Dittmar '76

My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend, Betsy, and with Christi and Mrs. Carson. Know that I and so many, many more were blessed by having known Dr. Carson. He will be remembered fondly.

- Kristen (Funkhouser) Alexander '84

While we mourn Dr. Carson′s passing, we rejoice that he is in glory, standing before the throne of grace, redeemed by the shed blood of Christ on the cross. Dr. Carson was “Uncle David” to me, through his marriage to Margaret, and he and I shared a love for history and for the history of Christ′s church. I will always remember his mentorship and encouragement in those things, and for his godly example of being a scholar, teacher, preacher, and pastor. May God′s comfort be with his family at this time.

- David Weir, Geneva Board of Trustees

My fondest memory of Dr. Carson is from a book study he lead in the basement of one of the old houses. We were discussing THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE and he brought in some Turkish Delight to share with the group. It was a wonderful addition that brought the book alive for me. My memories of Dr. Carson are of a kind, quick witted, godly, and wise man who I admired tremedously. I am grateful to have known him.

- Elizabeth Libby Hill '85

David was my classmate at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1944. At that time and in the intervening years, I came to appreciate his warm friendship, his academic acumen, his droll humor and his vital Christian faith. My heart goes out in sympathy to Margie, Betsy, Christi, Jim and all his family

- Bruce C. Stewart

Dr. Carson had a marvelous way of making something as potentially dull as Politcal Science, interesting and lively. He was one of my favorite professors and one of the finest gentlemen that I have ever known. We were part of a group that went to Ireland 9 years ago, and I got to know him in a different way.The Geneva community will miss him , but will never forget him.

- Ruth Davison Bloor '55

It was my privilege to have Dr. Carson as my Sunday School teacher for many years at Eastvale RP Church, as well as for political science at Geneva. He was one of the most gifted teachers I have met. He had a remarkable knack for engaging students in class and putting them at ease. Even when a student said something that was incorrect, Dr. Carson could always mine some nugget of truth from it and so affirm their contribution, even as he gently corrected their thinking. He was a talented pianist, and it was always a pleasure to hear him play. While I mourn his departure from us, we do not mourn as those who have no hope; I take comfort in the hope that he is now in glory.

- Joel Adams '80

Dr. Carson was an outstanding role model for his students. He loved Geneva sports. We will miss our mentor and friend

- Rey & Ron Peduzzi '55

How wonderful to rejoice at Dr. David Carson's graduation to Glory! As I remember his kindness, gentleness, integrity and modesty, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to have known him and to have had him in my life. I had the awesome privilege of having Dr. Carson accompany me on piano for my senior vocal recital. This was such an incredible honor! As I spent time with him in rehearsal, he invested encouragement and so much more into my life. He was one of the most gracious people I have ever known. I'm so grateful to God for the privilege of knowing him. See you in heaven Dr. Carson!

- Debbie (Statuti) Howells '88

I remember when we found out the Poly Sci was a requirement for almost any major, I, like others went "Ugh." But then we had Dr. Carson as our teacher. He made it fun and thought provoking. I took lots of notes and enjoyed my time with him. I recently received my Genevan that talked about his Alzheimer's, a disease that also contributed to my grandmother's death. We can rejoice now and say "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

- Steve Schappell

Dr. David Carson was an excellent teacher and a good friend as well as an accomlished pianist. Dr. Carson was my accompanist for my senior trumpet recital. I will miss his sense of humor.

- John M. Miller '68

Sorry to learn of Dave's passing. He was to me the image of what a college professor should be like. I enjoyed his classes. Out of the class room would come and have coffe with us like one of the "Boys". My regards to the family.

- Walter James '56

Dr. Dave Carson is one of several Geneva professors who made my college years a great time of both intellectual and spiritual growth. He was a gifted teacher, who could make Poly Sci interesting, and a Christian who so beautifully integrated God's truth into his teaching. I'm sure there's rejoicing in Heaven!!

- Delyte Morris '59

My prayers and sympathy to the Carson and Geneva College family. This was a shock for me as I well remember and give thanks for his teachings and words of advice.

- James Washington

It was a pleasure and blessing every time I spent time with Dr. Carson - in class, on campus, just visiting in later years. His class was my favorite and it is a privilege to have him as friend!

- Lyn Templeton '62

I fondly remember Dr. Carson as having a generosity of spirit and a joy for life. I enjoyed his classes and being with him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

- Alan Harrison '84

I remember Dr. Carson as a patient and generous professor. He was willing and able to explain complex concepts so that anyone could understand them. He required students to work, but he did all that he could to enable them to do their best.

- John Fry, '91, Chair, Department of History, Trinity Christian College

My friendship with Dr. Carson was a bit different than most Geneva students. During my 4 years at Geneva, Dr. Carson graciously served as my accompanist. Most of the time, however, it felt as if I was his accompanist since he was so very talented on the piano. His humble and hospitable spirit was evident as he regularly invited me to his home for practice leading up to recitals. I will always remember the kindness that both he and Margaret showed to yet another student, above and beyond the classroom. With certainty, he is enjoying the music of heaven today as he rests in his Savior's arms.

- Rev. Gregory Breen '96

Dr. Carson was my faculty advisor from my freshman year in 1970. I remember him as a godly and gracious man who was kind and helpful to a new student. With my interest in presidents and politics, I loved his political science courses.

- Mark R Brown '74 , pastor of Westminster OPC, Hollidaysbsurg, Pa.

Dr. Carson's Poli Sci class served to deepen my conservative, Christian world view of politics and I am active in my community today as a result. I was recently elected as a Republican Committeewoman and I am anxious to share from the foundation Dr. Carson provided for me in his unique & challenging & God-serving style. See you on the other side Dr. C!

- Lisa McLaughlin 1990 B.S/ 1994 M.A.

No family has contributed more to Geneva College than the Carson family, and Dr. David M. Carson certainly stands out among them. Our father, Dr. Edwin C. Clarke, often mentioned how fortunate Geneva was to have such a fine Christian servant as a member of the faculty. Dr. Carson's book, Pro Chisto et Patria, A History of Geneva College, is just one of his many outstanding contributions. May the peace of knowing that Dr. Carson is now with our Lord comfort Margaret and his family at this time of loss.

- The Clarke Family

He may have preceded us into life eternal, but his memory lives on in my heart as he cultivated in me the love of political analysis. PoliSci 352 as we called it back then was a joy to be in. Outside the classroom, Dr Carson was a warm and thoroughly enjoyable brother in the Lord.

- Mqhele Enock-Hershal Dlodlo '80

Poly Sci 352 was hardly a class that I was anxiously anticipating. But Dr. Carson quickly became one of my favorite professors at Geneva. He was interested in what we thought regarding the topics we studied. And, he had a gentle way of directing our misguided thoughts and ideas back to what the authors meant. As a high school teacher I have "stolen" many of my classroom approaches from Dr. Carson. He truly had a servant's heart, and he loved what he was doing.

- Jeff Vogus

David was a very special man. He made me feel like I was his only student in his class. He listened. He was so easy to talk with-I admired that-I actually thought he cared and I am sure that many people will say this same thing. Take comfort in knowing he is with Jesus. He reflected Christ with his life.

- Geno DeMarco, Head Football Coach, Geneva College

It is always hard to realize someone is gone who is of Dave's stature. I, too, think of his PoliSci class as one of my favorites at Geneva. I remember looking forward to going to the class! Christian. Our families were intertwined as friends and Sam and I had the pleasure of staying with them when our children were at Geneva and we came to visit. We could have deep conversations and enjoy sharing mundane things as well. We pray for comfort for his family as well as rejoicing that he is enjoying heaven!

- Sue Wilkey '59

I got to know David Carson nine years ago on a trip to Ireland that was led by Dr. Jim Sterrett. I have so many fond memories of him from those two weeks we spent traveling around. During our travels I was always buying snacks to share with the group. One day we stopped in a little town and David disappeared up a street. When he returned he had this beautiful box of even more beautiful chocolates which he presented to me. I cannot tell you how touched I was. And our friendship was bonded — over our mutual love of good chocolate!

Over the past several years, David had taken to stopping by my office in Old Main to visit with me. And we would talk of many things, including those days we spent traveling Ireland. As his memory grew worse, conversation was more difficult, but we would manage. And always we would hug, which was the best part.

I love David and have missed him very much since he moved to the RP Home. I count myself very blessed that I was able to call him my friend.

- Cathy (Sullivan) Schlachter

I must admit I don't remember much about Dr. Carson's poli sci course in 1970 but in recent years, I've wished I could pick his brain about current political topics. Even though we had only a passing acquaintance, he sincerely greeted me on visits back to the campus. I've enjoyed reading all these tributes and rejoice with his friends and family that he has joined the Church Triumphant and is with the Savior whom he loved and served so well.

- Linda Porter Foh '72

Dr. Carson was one of my favorite teachers. I loved the poly-sci class. I also treasure his book, Pro Christo et Patria, a history of Geneva College. All alumni and students should read this book.

- Skip Albert '60

David was our debate coach for my junior and senior years (1952-53 and 1953-54). He was a inspiration to all of us for his insights into the debate issues and was a very humane person. I share with the Geneva family my sincere sympathy.

- Irv Caplan '54

Dr. Carson's Political Science class was among my favorites at Geneva. He whet my appetite for the 'news' and conveyed to me its relationship to history as well as its potential impact upon the future. As practical as was the material he taught, the real power of his life was the way he lived his faith. I'm sure the Christian population of our small planet has been sizably increased because of the 'living epistle' of his life. I know that I for one am a Christian today because of the godly influence of Dr. Carson and other fine professors like him at whose feet I had the privilege to study while at Geneva.

- Sandra DiNello (Farzo) '66

One of the most special friends I enjoyed while at Geneva . . . loved his sense of humor . . . I know he shall be missed.

- Jim Bowers

There are so many things to praise in relation to Dr. David Carson, but as a teacher, I will mention this one. He had a profound respect for students as human beings and treated each student contribution as a gift, no matter how naive it was. He loved us, doing all he could to gently lead us into wisdom. When I think about engaging with students, Dr. Carson's example is my model. We throw around the word "great," but Dr. Carson was a truly great teacher. We, his students, rise up and bless him. May he find rest from all his labors in the arms of his Savior.

- Shirley Kilpatrick '74, Professor, Geneva College

Dr. Carson and his family have blessed many people in the Geneva and Beaver Valley communities. His wise, gentle and godly leadership are appreciated and will be long remembered. I'm sure he would be embarrassed by this recognition for though he was a very gifted man, he had such a humble spirit as he recognized our Lord as the source of all good gifts - the greatest being the grace of our Savior. We can rejoice in knowing that he is with the Lord and pray for his family and community as one so dear will be missed so greatly.

- Donanne Seese

Dr. Carson was one of the best instructors that I ever had. I still have the textbooks that he taught from in my personal collection. I loved the way laughed, and admired the things students said in class. I still use things that he taught me in poli sci. It has helped me to understand the nature of politics and the ways of government. I know that as a student of Dr. Carson I was very fortunate. God bless you, Dr. Carson.

- Richard Kirkwood

Brilliant, kind, godly...any can be found in any given man; rare to find all in one man, but that was Dr. Carson. I, too, am blessed to have known him as both a student and colleague. As a professor and mentor, he clarified what it meant to think Christianly of politics (and life). As a friend, I enjoyed working with him on his history book of Geneva and taking a Reformation tour of Europe with him. He has given so many such fond memories; moreover, he has made a profound impact in the lives of others. What greater legacy in God's Kingdom!

- Sam Siple '85/'00 Former Geneva Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Can I just say a resounding Amen to all of my fellow Geneva Alum′s comments. When I spoke of Dr. Carson to my friends of family, I always said one of he is The most Gracious man I know! Poli Sci was one the last classes I had at Geneva. I had not a clue of what to expect. So I asked Dr. Carson If I could come to his office and re-hash the class. He gladly said yes. After those sessions, I really felt prepared for the tests and an ability of where I stood on today′s issues. Dr. Carson, I hope you enjoyed the Maple Syrup from Cleveland / Geauga County. I know that because of you and other I enjoyed my time in Pittsburgh and the Beaver Valley. Thank you God for you indescribable gift of Dr. Carson. I will be praying that family feels great peace and comfort from our Lord.

- Gary Morrison

Dr. Carson was the singular influence on my career at Geneva. the way he taught us to think and critique has shaped my life since. I am so grateful to have known and learned from a man of his caliber.

- Bruce Osborn

Dr. Carson was my favorite professor at Geneva, and also my advisor. It was a blessed privilege to know such a kind, caring scholar who took a real interest in his students' lives. Aside from remembering great class discussions, I'll always remember the Bagpiper production of the "The Fantasticks" for which he played the piano with great flair.

My sincere sympathy to his family and colleagues.

May you be comforted in the knowledge that he has entered into His Lord's Eternal Kingdom.

- Margaret (Bachman) Reid '67

We are so thankful for the many memories of the Carson/Heddendorf friendship over the years. What a legacy of faithful service and steadfast love for our Lord and His Kingdom, a loving marriage and family life, an artistic talent used for God's glory and a wonderful sense of humor. How good to know that we do not grieve as those without hope.

- Ruth Ann (Heddendorf) Leduc

Yes, I took Poli Sci from Dr. Carson, but my fondest memories are of working with him on the Geneva History book for our Sesquicentennial. He did the research and writng, Margaret helped with layout and design and I dealt with all the headaches with the printer. It was an outstanding book. I hope that you will get a copy if you do not already have one. You can feel Dr. Carson come alive in the pages.

He will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family.

- Robin Ware

I took every class that Dr. Carson taught in the 60's not just because he was so gifted. He was a kind and gentle spirit. tolerating my sophmoric thinking and guiding me along the way. He was the "star" of Geneva to me. He took time to listen. I thank God for his presence in my life.

- Jon Nelson

I wish to ditto what many have already wrote about Dr. Carson.

To the family, my sympathy in your loss.

I remember one morning during lecture, a flatbed truck loaded with cases of bottled beer came down the hill from 4th avenue and made the curve a little to fast, dumping the left side of the load onto the roadway.

Dr.Carson said, "Don't everyone look at once, but there is beer running down College Avenue!"

We have all lost a good friend for a while. May we all reunite on the other side of the river.

- Don Winegar '63

As a young and inexperienced new faculty in 1972, David and Norm stood out as great witnesses to Christian maturity, Christian scholarship, and Christian professionalism. David was a great examplar to me in all my years at Geneva. I can remember so many times when my youthful political enthusiasms led me into various intemporate positions, and then looking to the side (all those faculty meetings in SE 317) and seeing that gentle, mature smile on David's face. What a great man. What a great witness of our Lord.

- Philip Van Bruggen

Great mind and godly life. Geneva has certainly suffered a great loss. My condolences to the family. May God grant them comfort and support.

- Jim Grandey

I didn't know Dr. Carson as a teacher but as a writer. I was a grad student at Pitt working at McCartney Library on the archives, organizing historical materials. Dr. Carson was kind enough to ask me to assist him in finding materials and information on past publications. He asked me to call him Dave, but I had too much respect for him and couldn't bring myself to do it. He taught me the meaning of "collegial" - the sharing of knowledge for the sake of the knowledge, not the gain. I was shocked to find myself mentioned in the history of the college that he wrote. He was gracious, sweet, gentle and loving to all, and generous to a woman who only wanted to help, and learned so much from him about the history of our school. Thank God for his release from Alzheimer's. Thank God he is home.

- Vicki Mann

My colleague David Carson earned the respect and affection of students, colleagues, and persons outside the academic world. I believe that achievement came because he genuinely respected and had affection for all God's people, even many who didn't know they were His. He thought and lived with Christian integrity expressed graciously and filled with grace. His special interest of faith, ideas, and politics are often marked by contention and pride, but David spoke for truth humbly, with a view to establishing peace. He is a model for all of us--a real, Christian gentle man.

- Paul Smith, Prof. Emeritus Geneva College

I was an evening school student. I still remember Dr. carson leaning against the blackboard lecturing, asking questions, making students think. He was a wonderful teacher. Would you believe that I still remember the Christian Amendment taught to his political science class?

- Joe Albenze '67

Dr. Carson impacted my life in a very powerful way. Engaging, kind and loving scholar who lived a life of a Covenater. His political Science class changed my life and guide my scholarly and public life in DRCongo. What I remember most, was his way of making difficult things easy. I had a privilege of working with him on two independent studies two summers in the role. To God be the Glory.

- Stephen Nzita di Nzita Kiaku, '86

I fondly remember Dr. Carson as I grew up on College Hill and played on the street in front of his neatly kept house. He was always pleasant and would not take your ball if it went into his yard. A good man and excellent teacher, he is a role model for any man or woman. My best wishes to his wife and family.

- George Banyas' 82

Dr. Carson was such an inspiration to me while I was a student. He always had a smile, a friendly hello and would take time to connect with students. My God give peace to his family and may we always remember the legacy that Dr. Carson portrayed in life. He lived his life like Jesus wants us to live life.

- Bruce Rhodes '79

An incredible professor and human being. How very fortunate we were to know Dr. Carson.

- Bill Clark '60

Dr. Carson was a very kind man.

- Victoria Grus Kellerman

Dr. David Carson represents the best of what Geneva College embodies in its mission statement- for Dr. Carson servant leadership and concern for those around him was who he was. Yes, my husband and I expereinced the required course but more importantly we experienced a professor solid in his faith sharing that with those on campus through chapels or individual discussions. He had a smile that you encountered as you passed him on campus. His legacy surely is partly reflected through those you remember throughout the years he spent at Geneva. My sympathy to the family who can take comfort in the promises he now claims.

- Susan Gillespie Black '70

So many good memories!

His droll humor already referred to, was never in my hearing at the expense of others, and delivered in a dry manner bordering on the arid. One could tell a Dr. Carson mirthful moment was in the offing when he first cleared his throat, then said, "Well, . . ."

I first read his writings while still in high school, in his occasional columns , "From the Study Window," later compiled into book form. Good stuff.

My strongest memory of the Poli-Sci. class was his description of the thinking and rationale of capital punishment for heretics during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. If certain teachers were imperiling the eternal salvation of individuals and entire cities; then didn't prudence and God's justice call for their removal? His ability to deal with difficult topics in a winsome and non-patronizing manner was exemplary.

Margaret, Betsy, Christy, and his extended family: may you know the comfort of God and of His people.

- Jon Adams

I have fond memories of David Carson teaching political science. I hung onto to every word he said in class because he taught in a manner that reflected his passion for his students and for a Biblical understanding of political science. He was humble and brilliant; kind and passionate; an image bearer that delighted in glorifying Christ in everything he did. Blessings to his family and extended family as you know God's perfect peace, comfort and joy.

- Gayle Copeland '78

I mourn for the loss of such a wonderful man and rejoice that he is now with his Heavenly Father. Dr. Carson went on the 92-93 Genevans tour to the New England states and was the best tour guide we could have ever had. I sat with him one day on the bus and knew I had a friend for life. I could sit and listen to his wealth of knowledge and his captivating stories for hours. He spoke the love of Christ in his words and his actions to each and every person he met. His legacy will live through the halls of Geneva and as God received him I believe we heard "Well done good and faithful servant." God bless the Carson family during this time.

- Carrie Wheeler '95

Dave Carson's Political Science class was the place where I met my future husband in 1955. If anyone could keep my attention on the subject, it was Professor Carson. He seemed pleased with his unofficial role in our romance, and sent us a wedding gift, the Phillips translation of the New Testament. We are thankful for his influence on our lives; he was the epitome of the title of gentleman.

- Carole (Love) Gathagan '56

I knew Dr. Carson my entire life ... first as a friend of my father, then as uncle to one of my own good friends, then as one of my professors, and finally as a personal friend. But even in recent years, and despite his invitation to do otherwise, my respect for him made it difficult for me to call him anything other than "Dr. Carson."

As a student at Geneva in the late 1970s, Dr. Carson was to me the epitome of a Geneva professor. He understood and practiced as well as anyone in my experience what it meant to view the world from a biblical perspective. As a political science major, I took several courses from Dr. Carson, and I was blessed by his kingdom perspective on whatever the topic at hand. He, as much as any other, helped me learn how to learn as a Christian. For that, I am truly grateful.

- Ken A. Smith '80

David Carson was perhaps best known for the required Poli Sci class, but I remember him best for his seminars on Greek, European and Marxist political thought. We read the primary sources and honed our intellectual skills as we labored to comprehend, critique and appropriate whatever truth was available even in the most toxic tomes. He was prepared, fair-minded, encouraging and never let a half-baked comment go pass without a measured response "Yes, but." He taught us how to listen, how to think, and how to articulate what we discovered under his guidance. His life is God's gift to all of us.

- Dan Doriani '75

I am very sad to hear of the passing of Dr. David Carson. It was always a joy to see him and receive his warm greeting and inquiry on how my daughter, Carrie, was doing with her teaching career in Maryland. He became a friend with Carrie after they sat together on the bus during the Genevan's Spring tour to the New England states. That is really how I began to know this gracious and caring man.

I always looked forward to seeing Dr. Carson on Campus. I work in the Bible Department and would see him as he came to visit faculty and friends. I'll miss his warm smile and gentle spirit. I'm so glad that I have his book of Geneva's history to remember him with.

It is good that he is at rest with his beloved Lord and savior. My prayers are with his family.

- Dianne Wheeler, Geneva College Bible Department Secretary

Dr. Carson has always been a wonderful example of the mission and values of Geneva College. He was a great teacher and mentor who was always charming and engaging, yet a humble man.

My wife Joan and I attended my 25th class reunion luncheon during Homecoming weekend. We had the pleasure of Dr. Carson's company at our table. Joan is a high school teacher and she and Dr. Carson talked at length about modern education, values, culture, etc. Afterward, Joan couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful time she had during that weekend and the best part for her was meeting and speaking to Dr. Carson. YTo this day, everytime I mention Geneva she talks about Dr. Carson and what a wonderful, caring and engaging man he is. While we mourn his passing, we are also thankful for the gift of his life and ministry and the positive spiritual impact he had on so many lives. We too, rejoice and give thanks for the miracle of the ressurection and the gift of salvation.

- Michael A. Plank '77

I never had the privilege of having Dr. Carson in class, but knew him and Mrs. Carson well, through their friendship with my parents. Whenever my parents were in Beaver Falls on furlough, the Carsons would be sure to invite us over for a meal. Without fail, as soon as the meal was finished, Dr. Carson would insist that I sing so he could accompany me on the piano. And so we did, many times. It was an honor to sing with such a gifted pianist.

- Yvonne Sterrett '97

I am deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Carson's death, but I am glad that he is with the Lord. His light was clear and strong, as is shown here. Dr. Carson was my advisor, I took almost all of his classes, and he was one of my father's closest friends. I know my dad will miss him deeply, as will so many of us in the Geneva family. The Carson family is in my prayers.

- Arlette Hart (Mattsson-Boze) '82

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