Quest Trips - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

Center for Student Engagement

Quest Trips List





Cost: $85

Listen:  Listen to pastors, politicians, community advocates, and long-time residents as they talk about the brokenness in Aliquippa and the hope that exists as the Church joins together to love this place.

Learn: Learn from members of the Uncommon Grounds café as they reach out to the community. Meet with alumni who live intentionally in the city of Aliquippa. Learn from those who work in different capacities of the city: the mayor, librarians, business and non-profit leaders, and church members.

Serve: Serve alongside the Uncommon Grounds café with projects like gardening, clean up, and other hands on activities.




North Fort Meyers, FL

Cost: $400

Listen: Listen to people who work for the organization ECHO. Their mission is to follow Jesus by reducing hunger and improving lives worldwide through partnerships that equip people with agricultural resources and skills.

Learn: Learn more about how hunger and poverty effect people all over the world. Connect with people who are understanding how agriculture can help solve this problem for people all over the world.

Serve: Get your hands dirty by digging, gardening, and working hard alongside those who are trying to make an impact in the world.





Memphis, TN

Cost: $385

Listen: Listen to members of the Memphis community talk about education reform, poverty, and race as they seek to find ways to revitalize this great city.

Learn: Learn from people at Serve 901, Teach for America, the Memphis Teacher Residency, pastors and Geneva alumnus as they partner with organizations who are working to bring about justice in the city. Visit the National Civil Rights Museum and explore the ongoing conversation around race in our nation.

Serve: Serve alongside these churches and organizations as they meet different needs of people in Memphis and experience what intentional neighboring looks like in the community of Memphis.





New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA

Cost: $400

Listen: Listen to the stories of residents of the Hollygrove neighborhood that desire and work towards the revitalization of their community. Come alongside Trinity Christian Community as they not only reach out to their neighborhood but also to their neighbors in Baton Rouge.

Learn: Learn about the depth of culture that exists in New Orleans through conversations with residents and visiting multiple areas of the city. This knowledge will both sharply contrast Western Pennsylvania culture and connect deeply to the culture of Beaver Falls.

Serve: Serve the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans through partnership with Trinity Christian Community by participating in a wide range of tasks including but not limited to working in an after school program, sorting Mardi Gras beads, and lawn care or clean-up work. Students will also be connecting with families and organizations who have been effected by the flooding in Baton Rouge.