Center for Student Engagement


Intramurals Coordinators


Clay Joseph

Hometown: Milton, GA
Major: Biblical Languages
Year: Sophomore
Favorite Event: MGN
About You: I grew up homeschooled, but then went to public high school. My senior year I went to Germany to study and I also played soccer there. After working for a year, I came here and love it. My family is great too! I have 7 siblings and am close to all of them. I don′t know who I′d be without them. I′m a Christian and I love learning about our Lord. I enjoy appreciating God′s work in all areas of life.


Caity Martin

Hometown: Prosperity, PA
Major: Environmental Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Favorite Event: Café Courtyard
About You: My favorite sport to play is volleyball. My favorite sport to watch is golf. It′s not as boring to watch as people think it is. I watch it with my twin, Kelly.


Joseph Zgorzynski

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Junior
Favorite Event: Mystery Bus Trip
About You: I enjoy most sports especially soccer and volleyball. I am also an avid Spikeball player. I like the summer, especially going to the beach and Six Flags. My favorite TV shows are Suits, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, and White Collar.


Heidi Mann

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major: Math Education
Year: Junior
Favorite Event: MGN!
About You: I′ve never been able to decide what my favorite sport is so I play both soccer and basketball here at Geneva. I love to sing anytime, anywhere, and generally see the glass half full. I′m thankful to be part of the family at College Hill RP, but also love any opportunity I have to visit my family in Colorado.