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Sport Management/Business Major

Courses in the sport management/business major prepare students for positions in the athletic world including athletic administration, sport/recreational facility management, and coaching and event management. Students explore the theories and principles of management as applied to sport programs and facilities. As a joint venture of the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Business, the goal of the sport management major is to prepare students to become a valuable part of the workforce in a variety of venues within the sport culture, thereby fulfilling the Geneva College mission statement, "for the purpose of developing servant-leaders, transforming society for the kingdom of Christ."

Thirty-nine hours of the 57 required hours are taught within the Business Department. The following 18 credit hours are the required hours taught within the Physical Education Department:

SPM 101 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
Theories and principles of management for sport programs. Introduces students to career opportunities and responsibilities in sport management, as well as basic information on topics such as legal liability, fiscal management, facilities operation, personnel supervision, and public relations. Fall semester.

SPM 201 Legal Issues in Sport (3)
Negligence, liability, risk management, product liability, insurance, contracts, equal opportunity, eligibility and control of activities and facilities are topics of study. Prerequisite: SPM 101 or permission of instructor. Springs semester of odd years.

SPM 205 Sport Management Practicum (3)
The course offers opportunity for sport management minors to develop the intellectual learning and practical application skills necessary to become more proficient leaders in sport. Professional building experiences will be achieved through interaction with sport managers from different fields. Prerequisite: SPM 101 or permission of instructor. Fall semester.

SPM 206 Governance and Organization of Sport (3). This course is designed to introduce students to the various agencies that govern sport at the professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur levels. Organizational theory, research, labor relations, and administrative responsibilities in sport will be presented and discussed. The presentation of material takes place in the classroom via lectures, projects, and presentations. Prerequisite: SPM 101 or permission of instructor Springs semester of odd years.

SPM 302 Facility Management and Design (3)
An introduction to the management, planning, and maintenance of facilities for athletics, sport, recreational programs, play fields, buildings, and auxiliary structures. Attention will be given to staffing, security, accessibility, safety, and legal aspects of facility management and design. Prerequisite: SPM 101 or permission of instructor. Fall semester of odd years.

SPM 401 Sport in American Culture (3)
Presentation of sociological dimensions of sport and sport participation and the impact of sport on society in general. Review of related research covering such areas as youth sport, women in sport, professional sport, religion and sport, sport and education, sport and politics, and the effects of sports on the economy. Special attention will be placed on analyzing sport in American culture from a Christian perspective. Prerequisites: SPM 101 and junior standing. Spring semester of even years.