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Department of Psychology, Counseling and Human Services

The Department of Psychology, Counseling and Human Services has three majors and a graduate program. 

The psychology major exposes students to theory and research in a variety of content areas including cognitive, behavioral, social, and developmental psychology.  The curriculum is biblically integrated and students are challenged to establish their own synthesis of the biblical with the theoretical.

The human services major prepares and trains students to work in a variety of positions in social agencies. The curriculum is not only practical but also gives students the opportunity to consider social service theory and policy from a biblical worldview. 

The biopsychology major provides a deeper understanding of how the physiology of the body functions in behavior, and also how defects in such function affect behavior. This major is a joint effort of the college′s biology and psychology departments.

The criminal justice major provides an interdisciplinary experience, drawing from psychology, human services, sociology and political science, that prepares students to serve God through compassionate service.

The department houses a graduate program in counseling with three areas of study: school counseling, mental health, and marriage and family.


Human Services
Criminal Justice


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Human Services

Graduate program

   Mental Health Counseling
   Marriage and Family Counseling
   School Counseling


The mission of the Department of Psychology, Counseling and Human Services is to provide a learning environment that encourages and challenges students to master content and skills essential to the disciplines of psychology and human services and to integrate the disciplines with, and critically assess the discipline from, a Biblically Christian worldview in a faculty supportive environment.

Department Contact

Diana Rice, Chair
Office: Northwood, Room 207
Phone: 724-847-6542