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Certification Courses

EDU 570
The Law & Special Education (3 credits) This course outlines the historical development of special education. It also details special education law, state special education requirements, the identification and eligibility process, ethical issues, and other foundational issues related to the field of special education. It provides a detailed understanding of federal and state special ed legal forms, such as the IEP. Students will also have the opportunity to review and engage in research related to individuals with disabilities.

EDU 571
Standards and Assessment (3 credits) This course prepares students to assess individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities in PK-8. Students will emerge from this course with a knowledge and understanding of the assessments that are given by licensed personnel to identify students with physical and mental disabilities and demonstrate the ability to administer a variety of standardized achievement and diagnostic instruments. Students will also have the opportunity to review and engage in research related to the assessment of children with disabilities.

EDU 572
Strategies & Intervention for Students in Inclusive Classrooms (3 credits) This course prepares graduate students in special education to become knowledgeable about various disabilities of students in inclusion classrooms, as well as the ability to develop and implement research-based strategies appropriate for physically and/or intellectually disabled students. Proven methods, strategies, and techniques will be discussed along with the required planning behind the use of such methods, strategies and techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to review and engage in research related to the use of effective instructional methods and techniques for children with disabilities.

EDU 573
Positive Behavioral Support (3 credits) This course prepares graduate students to develop and implement behavioral interventions with students who are behaviorally, emotionally, physically, and/or mentally disabled. Behavioral management, behavioral modification techniques, therapeutic crisis intervention, positive behavioral support and other methods will be emphasized to prepare Geneva graduate students to prevent and deal with problem behaviors with skill and confidence. Students will also have the opportunity to review and engage in research related to the use of effective behavioral management methods and techniques for children with disabilities.

EDU 534
Instruction & Assessment of Reading Difficulty (3 credits) Principles of evaluating children with reading difficulties and strategies for intervention will be examined. These strategies include strategies appropriate for diverse learners and English Language Learners.

EDU 531
Theory and Practice of Reading/Language Arts (3 credits)Focuses on current theory and instructional practices in developmental reading and language arts from emergent literacy through high school. Causes and characteristics of reading difficulties will be addressed including the role of phonemic, morphemic, semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic systems of language as it applies to diverse learners and English Language Learners.

EDU 576
Advanced Studies of Severe Disabilities (3 credits) This course broadens student understanding of individuals with severe disabilities including assessment, appropriate interventions, medical issues, and placement. Students study the nature of disabilities and the educational processes of individuals with severe disabilities through the lens of theoretical perspectives and research. This course provides an understanding of curriculum development, methods, materials, and special training techniques as applied in various settings. Special emphasis is given to the vocational and self-help needs of this population.

EDU 592
Special Education Practicum (3 credits) An independent practicum in which the student engages in supervised professional activities in selected cooperating community agencies, local education agencies, and/or intermediate units to foster the necessary professional competencies. Students will maintain a portfolio to document achievement of required PA competencies for certification. Students will complete and document 60 hours of practicum time.

Additional Courses Required for M.ED

EDU 502
Advanced Studies in the Foundations of Education (3 credits)This course reviews historical, sociological, and philosophical factors as related to events and problems of present-day American education. The course will also review the research related to the foundations of the America public, private, and home school movements.

EDU 503
Applied Research in Education (3 credits) The design of this course will enable graduate students to understand research literature, to provide written evaluations of research documents, and design and author a research project that could be carried out throughout the path of their academic career. The goals of this class are to develop critical thinking and writing skills required of graduate level study and professional practice, and to develop an understanding of the dynamic research process as it relates to professional practice.

EDU 591
Special Topics (1-3 credits, or other 3-credit elective)

Students may choose from the following possible options for a total of 3 credits.

Language & Cultural Diversity
ELL Instructional Strategies
Gifted Education
Grant Writing
Role of the Literacy Coach
Sign Language
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Book Study