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Eight Bells

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The Eight Bells is a men’s barbershop double-quartet made up of members of The Genevans choir. A student-led group, they sing primarily in the barbershop style while occasionally mixing in other types of primarily acapella music.

The group was formed in 1967 by men from The Genevans who loved "close harmony" and the camaraderie of men′s singing. They chose the name "Eight Bells" because of the old phrase, "Eight Bells and All′s Well." On the old sailing ships eight bells signified the end of one watch and the beginning of another. Watches were four hours long and time was kept with a half-hour glass, so when the glass was turned a bell was rung. At the sound of eight bells, the watch changed. Thus the sound of eight bells marked the best part of the day!

As a student-led group, the Eight Bells have the freedom to perform outside of choir events. New members are selected by the returning members each year. Always ready with a song, the Eight Bells sing in all kinds of settings, from choir concerts to mall food courts to singing valentines to nursing homes. Usually they sing with all eight members but can also function as two separate quartets. They can be contacted for private events at or on their Facebook page.