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Once you have received your EMS Room Reservation Number via email, please complete the information below to confirm your room request:

Event Owner's Name: *
Email Address: *
Phone/Ext: *
Requested Room: *
Geneva Account #: *

Name of Event: *
EMS Room Reservation #:
Number Attending (Approx.): *
Event Start Date: *  Start Time: *
Event End Date: *  End Time:  *
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What date and time will the room be available for setup?:

Room Reservation Date: *  Time: *

Specify Event Requirements

I do not require anything other than the room/facility I understand that by selecting this option, I am only reserving a room and will not be provided any additional services,
such as catering, table / room set-up, AV equipment, cleaning services, etc.
This event will require assistance from...
Select service providers below to explore the various event preparation options.
Contact Events, events@geneva.edu with any questions.
Pioneer Catering is the preferred caterer of Geneva College.
Please contact Pam Veon at x6522 to request catering services.

Briefly describe your catering needs or if you are using another provider, please explain here:

Table Linens / Napkins
Please note: Requests for table linens and napkins MUST be made at least 7 business days prior to the event or else the order will not arrive on time. Specify quantities below:
Round Table Linens (Qty): Color:
8ft. Table Linens (Qty): Color:
Napkins (Qty): Color:
PHYSICAL PLANT (Maintenance)
Ensure room temperature is comfortable before the event
Electrical needs
Describe your electrical needs below:
Garbage Cans
How many garbage cans will be needed?
Recycle Bins
How many recycle bins will be needed?
Snow Removal (If weather applicable)
Pick-Ups / Deliveries
Describe your pick-up / delivery needs below:
Describe your specific needs for your event:
Room cleaning needed prior to event
Please note: You are responsible for leaving the room in the condition it was in prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in a cleaning fee, to be paid by the owner/ department responsible for the event.
Restrooms cleaned prior to event
Number of Tables Needed
Round Table(s)
8 ft. RectangleTable(s)
High-Top Table(s)
Number of Chairs Needed
Arrangement of Tables / Chairs
Describe the table arrangement needs:
* If you have a room diagram detailing your set up, please email it to
Dan Kiger (ddkiger@geneva.edu) at least 3 days prior to the event.

-or- Upload a room diagram:
Describe your specific needs for your event:
The event owner is responsible for picking up, placing, and returning any items from the Office of Event Planning.
I will need signage for my event
Please note: Unless discussed with the Office of Event Planning, you are responsible for creating and printing event signage. A template will be provided upon receipt of the Work Order.
Directional Signs
Easels / Frames
Describe any additional assistance you will need from Events Planning office:
Please indicate preferred lots / Number of parking spaces you need reserved, etc:
Traffic Control
Building / Rooms Unlocked
What time will the room need unlocked by?:
(example: 5:30 PM)
Describe any additional security needs below:
If your event requires assistance from Audio / Visual, you must complete the AV Event Request Form. This form must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Audio/Visual at Ext. 6733 or audiovisual@geneva.edu.
Please note that if you would like assistance from Marketing Services & Public Relations (i.e. email blasts, enewsletter announcements, promotional pieces, logo design, information on the website, invitations, photography, news releases, etc.), you must contact Cheryl Johnston. If you are creating your own graphics or promotional pieces for a Geneva event, you must have approval from the Marketing Services & Public Relations Department.