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David G. Watkin

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Office Phone: 724-847-6756

Disciplines/Field of Instruction

  • Management
    • Strategic Behavior
    • Strategic Management
    • Organizational Theory
    • Human Resource Management
    • Organizational Behavior
  • Consulting
  • Marketing Management
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics

Degrees Received

  • Ed.D. in Higher Education, The Pennsylvania State University, 1982
  • Postdoctoral Studies in Management,The Pennsylvania State University, 1981-82 (Considered Doctorally Qualified in management by the AACSB)
  • M.A. in Sociology,The Pennsylvania State University, 1975
  • B.A. in Anthropology,The Pennsylvania State University, 1972

Courses Taught

  • HSS 434 - Research Methods
  • ORD 443 - Interventions and Training
  • ORD 460 - Organizational Dynamics
  • ORD 461 - Organizational Development Planning
  • ORD 462 - Organizational Development Consulting

Presentations/Publications (Title, Publication, Year)

  • Professional Presentations and Programs:
    • “A Model Dislocated Worker Program,” presentation at the Pennsylvania Partners Annual Conference,
    • Bowie State University , Bowie , MD : Faculty Development Program, “Using Distance Learning Technologies,” presented to faculty in the Masters in Information Technologies Program to enable them to implement the delivery of the program via video teleconferencing, June to December 1996.
    • “Opportunities and Obstacles Facing Innovation,” presentation at the 1994 Penn State Conference on Innovation and Technology in Education, March 25, 1994.
    • “Strategic Planning to Coordinate Local and Regional Development,” workshop series presented for the Development District Association of Appalachia, Wilkes-Barre , PA , and Birmingham , AL , August and September 1992.
    • “Regional Tourist Promotion and Marketing,” seminar presented at the Appalachian Regional Commission Local Development District Conference, Arlington , VA , March 1992.
  • Publications
    • “Toward a Competitive Advantage: A Focus Strategy for Small Retailers.”  Journal of Small Business Management, 21:1, 1986, pp. 16-21.
    • The Expectancy Theory of Motivation: An Application to the Persistence of College Students.  Division of Business Administration Working Paper 86-10, (Middletown, PA: The Pennsylvania State University, 1986), 24 pp.
    • “Evaluation of the Operations of Small Firms Using Sociotechnical Systems Design Methods.”  Proceedings of the 1986 Annual Conference of the Small Business Institute Directors Association, Washington, DC, February 1986, pp. 302-306.
    • A Survey of Advanced Technology Firms in the Seven Counties of South-central Pennsylvania.  (Middletown, PA: The Small Business Development Center, 1985), 22 pp. (With O. Culpan, E. Cogley, and M. Oravec).
    • Sociotechnical Analysis of the Small Firm. (Philadelphia, PA: The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, 1982), 44 pp.
  • Dissertation
    • A Study of Academic and Social Integration and their Relation to the Persistence of Upper Division Students.  Doctoral dissertation reprinted in Dissertation Abstracts International, 43: 2, 1982.
  • Applied Research
    • Summative Evaluation and Strategic Assessment of Central Intermediate Unit 10 PA Act 183 Project: “ Central Pennsylvania Broadband Network, 2005-2008”
    • Organizational Analysis and Strategic Plan for the Center for Rural and Medically Underserved Areas (CERMUSA), St. Francis University , 1998.
    • “Development of a Model for Inter-institutional Cooperation in Technology,” study completed for the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania , 1997.
    • Organizational Analysis and Administrative Evaluation of the Small Business Development Center , St. Francis University , 1996.
    • Feasibility Study of Locating Campuses in Somerset and Everett, Pennsylvania, for the Allegany College of Maryland (Allegany Community College), 1992.

Current Projects

  • Ministry Associate, Faithful Path (www.faithfulpath.com):
    Volunteer associate ministering to congregations and pastors in the areas of the pastoral call, ministry development, and organizational development.  Provide consulting services and develop publications in support of the ministry.
  • Currently developing a book proposal for a book on organizational dynamics in the church. The purpose of the book is to develop Biblical principles for organizational leadership and provide an understanding of organizational dynamics to support pastors and church leaders.