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"God in His Providence, guided me to Geneva before I had a personal relationship with Him.  It was there that I met Jesus (my savor now for 36 years)  and my wife (of 34 years now)  and love of my life, Holly Marple.  I do not know where I would be today were it not for faculty at Geneva and student friends who were faithful servants and  beacons.  I have had a wonderful career in cardiovascular healthcare.  I am so grateful to those who were crucial to my spiritual and academic formation, most notably Prof. Calvin Freeman."

-Robert Groom '77

"I came to Geneva not familiar with the doctrine of grace or any reformed theology. Praise God, He has led me to a reformed Baptist Church later in my life. I would like to offer a tribute to Dr. John White. In my senior year I missed 4 chapels, which earned me a summons to Dr. White's office. I was quite afraid at what I might be required to do. Dr. White asked what my excuse was, and I told him I had none. He then tore up the slip and said, let's let grace cover this one and dismissed me. I thank God for him and other godly teachers who let their faith shine through their work."

- Andrew Allard '79

"I enjoyed knowing Dr. Cal Freeman and having him as a professor. He had many of us in his home and the trips to visit children at the Watson home were amazing. You always came out of the home encouraged by the cheerfulness of the handicapped children. They were always full of smiles and were so happy to have us come to visit them. 'Billy' was a favorite child there. Dr. Freeman had a heart to serve others and was an inspiration to me. He was my advisor and was instrumental in my schooling in cardiopulmonary technology in Fairfax, Virginia & the incredible years that I had working as a CP tech. He was present at my wedding in 1984 and led part of the ceremony--& yes, he had on his bow tie."

- Kathy (Van Kirk '79) Pierson

"For many, if not all the musicians who have passed through Geneva College since the early 1980's know that one person makes the Geneva experience all the more memorable. We lovingly know him as "Coach." Thank you Don Kephart, for being who you are, and doing what you do."

- Ben Becze '00

"Dr. Ann Paton: I had her as a student in high school before she moved onto Geneva. Have many good memories of being in her class and she was one of those teachers who made me want to be one too. I'm retired from teaching and enjoying retirement too. Wonderful memories of Geneva days."

- Carolyn Benson Raney '70

"I miss Dr. Calvin Freeman. He loved his students & his love meant alot to me."

- Ray Baker '83

"To Dr Ann Paton,
I miss our discussion when she would come into my office. She was someone who would ask me how I was and would always have a good word of encouragement. I did not have Dr Paton while I was in college."

- John P Michel MD '70

"Dr. Jay Neikirk was one of my favorite professors! He wasn't just a teacher, he was a mentor and cared about his students in many ways. He challenged us to stretch our thinking and understanding of politics/government but through Godly lenses. He had this ability to take a class (who for some were only there because it was a requirement) and turn it into an environment where students were engaging in healthy political debates and excited for the opportunity to share their views. Having Dr. Neikirk as my advisor and professor at Geneva was such a blessing!"

- Tina Acquaviva '01

"When I think about Geneva, the professors that flood back into my mind are numerous and varied, but their impact on my life is gigantic. Dr. Harry Farra was without a doubt the one professor that made me see the beauty in the spoken word, the power that the words could hold and how they could be used to bring glory to God. He also taught me that a very dry humor can turn away wrath, or confuse a difficult student. The faith I witnessed in his daily walk was and remains a challenge to me everyday of my life. Then there was Dr. Patton, who made me see the wonder of Shakespeare and turned a history geek into a lover of the Bard...what a window she opened for me...I find myself thanking God for her expanding my intellectual horizon. Then there are Dr's Wollman and Matttsson-Bose, who made me think like a historian. They challenged me to see the small things that make a great big picture...to love the art and the discipline of history. They also frightened me to death. I mean it, when Dr. B looked over his glasses at you...well, my blood ran cold...mainly because I did not do my evening reading and he caught me cold! Dr. Wollman showed me how to craft a logical essay, and his love of the subject and his knowledge of the Enlightenment is carried everyday into my classroom. But, it was John Montini who will forever be the person I am most indebted to...he brought me into Geneva, encouraged me with his friendship and prayer to finish the race for my diploma, when so many people thought it was a waste of Geneva's time and my parents money. Everyday, I thank God for him, for the grace that led me to him, to Geneva and to those professors who sealed me with love and knowledge for God's work."

- Barry Davis '75

"Miss Marian Gilmore, my speech professor, was the strongest influence on me professionally. Her Voice & Diction class trained me to be a successful radio broadcaster. After I became a government employee, her influence continued. I've narrated videos, taught speech classes for beginning briefers, and lectured in many, many other classrooms in my 24 years of employment.

As to those who've influenced my life, Dr. David Wollman and Mrs. Ann Wollman have been my dear friends for over 30 yrs. I traveled to England with Dr. Wollman during a Geneva Experimester, which remains one of the highlights of my life. Dr. Harry Farra and his wife also continue to be dear friends; he was head of the Speech Department when I was a student."

- Martha McNally Rowe '81

"Experiences stick with you because of the people involved in them. I will always remember my semester studying abroad in Rome, thanks to my humanities professor Dr. Lynda Szabo. In a city as rich in history as Rome, it is easy to overlook the wonder of the cathedrals and architecture of the Coliseum because it is everywhere you look. Dr. Szabo not only taught us about the history, art, and culture of the city, she taught us to appreciate the underlying beauty within it all. She was a compassionate teacher who cared about all of her students who were abroad, both academically and personally. I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful professor and friend with me in Rome."

- Monica Miller ′12

"Dr. Paul Kilpatrick is a fantastic teacher. He knows so much and loves teaching, but he is also humble and honest about the things that he doesn't know. His classes are some of my favorites."

- Bonnie Smith ′12

"If I had to choose a favorite faculty or staff member, I would have to say Bonnie Wilson, who is part of the Admissions staff. She's just a genuine person and I have a lot of fun just talking to her randomly in the office. She gives me great advice about life, friendship, school, etc. and always has time to listen to my thoughts and feelings. She's a great person and I definitely have a lot of respect for her."

- Ji Yun Bae ′12

"Dr. Suhail Hanna is the model Geneva College professor. He has a real desire to see students learn how to write well. More importantly, he lets his deep love for Christ spill over to his students through his teaching, stories, prayer and Bible readings. He balances sound teaching and discipline with caring empathy. He is well-balanced on all accounts. As a person who started as a weak writer, I am ever-thankful for Dr. Hanna′s ability to truly teach writing."

- Micah Yarger ′12

“It is impossible for me to name a single faculty member that influenced me during my years as a student at Geneva. Professors like David Carson, Howard Mattsson-Boze, Ann Paton, Elizabeth Douglas and more challenged me to think and write out of my normal comfort zone. Dr. John Mitchell, Dan Raver, Dr. Lee, Doc Arnold and others helped me to prepare me for the work that I would do in accounting and computer-related positions. God used each of these people to prepare me for the twists and turns that my life has taken. I have been blessed to receive a solid foundation under such knowledgeable and godly mentors.”

- Becky (Carson '85) Phillips

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