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SAGE Tuition Rewards Scholarships
Geneva College participates in the Tuition Rewards enrollment consortium sponsored by SAGE Scholars. The program allows families who are saving for college by investing or making deposits with participating banks and financial institutions, to earn "points" (similar to frequent flyer points) to provide students with undergraduate scholarships to Geneva College for up to the full amount of tuition, spread evenly over four undergraduate years, starting with the freshman year. The Tuition Rewards ( program is coordinated nationally by an independent organization, Savings And Growth for Education (SAGE).

Tuition Rewards Program at Geneva College

How It Works
Geneva College is an active participant and member in the "Tuition Rewards" scholarship program, which operates like a frequent flyer rewards program - but for college tuition! If points are submitted at time of application, Tuition Reward points can be used to secure and guarantee a scholarship, up to a maximum of full tuition at Geneva College, spread evenly over four years of undergraduate study, starting with the freshman year. One point has a value of one dollar.

Key Features
There are no costs or fees for Students, families or Sponsors to participate in Tuition Rewards.

Participation in the Tuition Rewards program is not a guarantee of, or a factor in, admission. The Tuition Reward Points represent the guaranteed minimum scholarship that an eligible full-time undergraduate Student will receive to attend Geneva College starting with the freshman year. If existing scholarships and grants offered by Geneva are more than the Tuition Rewards amount, Geneva has met its obligation to offer a scholarship based upon the Tuition Rewards. The scholarship is divided evenly over a projected four years of attendance. Geneva College has no obligation to accept Tuition Rewards Points for transfer students but may choose to do so.

The Tuition Rewards scholarship is provided regardless of the income or assets of the Student or the Student′s family.

The Tuition Rewards program′s national guidelines do not allow the use of reward points for part-time attendance, graduate school or for any college costs other than tuition.

Important Timelines
Sponsors can join Tuition Rewards at any time. Since reward points are earned quarterly, semi-annually or annually, the earlier a Sponsor joins Tuition Rewards, the greater the accumulated points.

Member colleges may contact participating Students once they reach 9th grade. Once registered, a Student may enter and/or edit [] relevant personal academic information (e.g., potential majors of interest, preferred geographic preferences, etc.) at any time.

The Sponsor needs to submit the Student's Tuition Rewards statement to Geneva College at the time the Student applies for admission ( This is done by the Sponsor by logging onto the "Account Statement" page and forwarding the information to Geneva College roughly concurrent with the Student′s application. Statements submitted after Geneva College has prepared a financial aid package for the Student may invalidate use of Tuition Rewards.