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Membership in the Heritage Society:

To become a member of The Heritage Society, please complete the following form. Remember to push “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Geneva′s Planned Giving Office will contact you to verify your membership. This form is for informational purposes only. Your estate is not legally bound by submitting this statement. It remains revocable and can be modified at any time. This information will be held in strictest confidence.

Future Gift Options:

As evidence of my desire to provide a legacy gift for Geneva College, I wish to inform Geneva College that they have been named in my estate plans. (Please mark all that apply)

Bequest from my will
Beneficiary of my IRA
Beneficiary of my Life insurance policy
Remainder interest in my Trust
Remainder interest in my Annuity
Other (please specify below)
Unrestricted Support (where the need is greatest at the time it is received)
A specific department or program (specify in the box below)


(If your gift is a percentage of your estate, please indicate the approximate present value of that percentage.)

Heritage Society Recognition Options

Yes, you may publicize my name as a member of the Heritage Society, which serves as a motivation for others to consider legacy gifts in support of Geneva College.
I prefer my intentions to remain anonymous.