Touching Tomorrow, Today

Geneva′s planned givers are extraordinary

We are inspired daily by their stories and the spirit behind their planned gifts. From the shores of Cape Cod to the wheat fields of Kansas; from Florida′s ocean sunrises to California′s desert sunsets; our planned givers remember.

Thank YouWhile pursuing the rigorous demands of fast-paced careers in boardrooms and classrooms and courtrooms; in the midst of family to-do lists and church agendas; while traveling and grand-parenting and making the most of glorious retirement years, our planned givers remember.

They remember Geneva as the place that launched them, discipled them, challenged them, and readied them to serve. They acknowledge the blessing Geneva has been in their lives and in the lives of others, and they determine to take extraordinary steps to bless future generations of students. Their planned gifts touch tomorrow today.

Planned gifts leave a lasting legacy

John Black Johnston ClockUnlike a gift of cash, planned gifts may require extra time, thought, and care to establish, but they frequently allow our donors to make a more substantial gift than otherwise would have been possible during their lifetimes. Planned gifts:

  • Require initiative, but not necessarily extensive wealth.
  • Often come with added incentives-like tax savings!
  • Reflect the value our donors place in a Geneva education and in the significance that Geneva has held in our donors′ lives.
  • Demonstrate our donors′ philanthropic desires to give back to future generations of Geneva students and to perpetuate support for the College beyond their lifetimes.
  • Provide an essential means for the College to meet unrestricted needs as well as to fund capital improvements, establish ongoing scholarship assistance and grow the endowment fund.

Planned gifts ALWAYS bless Geneva.

Please tell us your story and let us know where you wish to begin. Together with your financial and legal advisors, we will work to help craft a gift plan which will satisfy your personal and financial objectives. We welcome your questions and conversations on everything Planned Giving. To learn more, contact Geneva′s Planned Giving Officer at or call 724-847-6614.

Touching Tomorrow, Today

Information provided by Geneva College is not intended as financial, legal, or tax advice. Please consult an attorney or other professional advisor before taking action.