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Current Student Testimonies

Amanda Grech (Cohort 78)
Everything that I have learned in the program has been immediately applicable.
In this program, students not only have the opportunity to learn from real life examples of others; they have a chance to share their experience as well. The cohort model provides the pathway for the MSOL journey, where one group of individuals learn together and from one other, and foster relationships that provide the support needed to complete the journey.

Larry Bettencourt (Cohort 77)
Leadership is more than head knowledge, just facts and books or theories; it’s about the transformation of people’s lives.  Everybody matters and you can learn something from everybody.

Jennifer Harris (Cohort 75)
MSOL is about changing my life, making me a better communicator and a more professional individual.

Traci Meyers (Cohort 76)
I personally completed the program in 2.5 years all while having a baby and working full time. The workload is designed around a working adult lifestyle. The program meets once a week for 4 hours. The professors are fully accredited working adults themselves. All professors have an extensive background in their field. They teach from experience, not from the book. The classes are taught all locally.

Scott Fennell (Cohort 77)
When I think of the MSOL graduate program, I think of the word “connection”. The entire program was steady and consistent, offering a connection between biblical themes and how  we can relate them to the workplace. I found this connection to be refreshing and inspirational. I went to work each week and applied the theories and concepts that I had learned in class. The  MSOL curriculum was well thought out and timed perfectly.

Susan  Snow (Cohort 79)
Professionally, I have undergone a transformation as a result of the MSOL experience.  Though I have owned my own engineering firm for over twenty years, this program has helped me to connect in a brand new way to my employees and my clients.  Regularly, I find myself using the tools and knowledge I gained throughout the program in my day to day activities.  As an example, before I enrolled in this program, I feared change.  Now I have learned to embrace change, even catastrophic change.  Before I led by command and control; now I lead by engaging those around me and supporting them.

Alumni Testimonies 

butler.jpgRichard T. Butler, Cohort #43

Before I was accepted into the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program I was confronted daily with organizational issues that I was not qualified to address. As a business coach I needed a graduate program that would help me develop the skills that are necessary to coach business leaders and their organizations. The professors and their collective wisdom have provided me with both a secular and, more important, a much needed Christian perspective of leadership. I now feel completely qualified to address various organizational issues. Through the MSOL program my professional and personal life has been enriched beyond my expectations.

demarco.jpgDavid DeMarco, Cohort #45
Christian Recording Artist

The MSOL program is the most unique educational experience I have ever known. Every week I discover more dimensions and definitions about leadership from the material and discussions. In an educational world
where so much emphasis is put on teacher to student ratio, the MSOL program is the most innovative model out there. In addition to the class instructor and mentor, I have an additional 18 instructors, called classmates, that bring their leadership experiences and models to class each week and sit right near me. Our interaction creates a synergy of enlightened perspectives that has been the crown of the MSOL experience. They call it a cohort, but I call it a family.
barlett.jpgJanet Barlett
Presbyterian SeniorCare Vice President of Development
Senior Director

Cohort #42

Before I began the MSOL program, leadership, motivation, strategy, etc. were just words that were part of organizational jargon. Now, as an MSOL student, they have meaning and context. Almost daily in my workplace, I encounter one of the concepts presented in this organizational leadership curriculum. The difference now is that I am equipped to understand them and apply this new found knowledge. Because of that, I believe I am becoming a better professional and leader. This program has given me a platform from which I can grow personally as well as an opportunity to share with my colleagues. When they ask me about class, I am excited to explain, coach and teach them about concepts and ideas that really impact everything we do in our organizational life.


cirelli.jpgJoyce Cirelli
Director of the School of Radiology ,
Heritage Valley Health System

Cohort #40

I approached continuing my education at Geneva because I wanted to grow not only in academia but in my spiritual life as well. I certainly have not been disappointed with the results of my decision.

Almost daily in my workplace, I encounter one of the theories presented in the organizational leadership curriculum. The difference now is that I have a better understanding of them and work hard to apply this newfound knowledge. Because of that, I believe I am becoming a better professional and leader. The importance of this is that I am teaching students and MSOL has taught me excellent behaviors to model the way for the students I am mentoring.

MSOL has opened doors, and daily provides insights to my work, in ways that I never could have imagined. I have been promoted to Director of the School of Radiology at Heritage Valley Health System, which has been a wonderful new challenge for me. I feel it has also enriched my home life as it has certainly expanded my worldview.

All the professors I have encountered are truly an inspiration to me. As I continue my journey through life, I realize I have been truly blessed by attending this program.


clipper.jpgLutitia A. Clipper
System Process Improvement Specialist-Operations, Dominion Peoples

Cohort 10

I am currently embroiled in the doctoral studies program in the
Administrative and Policy Studies Department at the University of
Pittsburgh pursuing a degree in Social and Comparative Analysis in Education with specialization in International and Development Educational Perspectives. It has been a challenging but exciting learning experience. From the beginning I felt that the cohort format of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program at Geneva College provided a tremendous preparation for the rigors of the "Core Course," a key required course for the doctoral studies program.

Thanks for the creative design of a great program so relevant to my doctoral studies experience.



Linda H. McMullen
Director of Evening College and Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, LaGrange College

Cohort 8

MSOL has opened doors, and daily informs my work, in ways that I never could have imagined. In mastering the curriculum, I developed the expertise that led to a faculty appointment. And my experience as an adult learner in MSOL serves as an invaluable aid to my work with adult students here. That student experience gave me the desire to continue my studies and the confidence to believe that I could-I am now pursuing my PhD in human and organizational development. Finally, learning to appreciate and apply the servant-leadership model really changed my life and grounds me personally and professionally.


nolan.jpgKate Nolan
Manager Organizational Development, Bayer Corporation

Cohort 1

During 1998, I graduated from the Geneva College MSOL Program and began my work with Bayer Corporation, Executive Education & Leadership. As Leadership Program Manager, and an MSOL graduate, I am proud to say that I facilitated the development of Bayer's definition of leadership-"…influencing behavior and business results though positive and collaborative means." This definition reflects the philosophical underpinnings of Bayer's new curriculum, and is congruent with Geneva's advocacy for servant leadership. Participation in the MSOL Program allowed me to assimilate prior industry experience with leadership studies, grounding my service as Leadership Program Manager for Bayer Corporation.


Karen L. McCue-Mattews
PPS Coordinator for UPMC Rehabilitation Hospital

Cohort 21

At the beginning, I was not sure what this degree would do for me. It appeared to be the next logical step in my educational journey. The location being five minutes away from my home was a huge benefit. My thinking was very concrete, "What kind of job was this degree going to help me get?" Boy, was I in for an awakening!

Here I am, two years later. The following are key blessings that I have received since graduating from the Geneva MSOL Program: teaching opportunities at my facility and at the local community college, job promotion in the same facility that I have been for 10 years (!), buying my first home, presenting at the Occupational Therapy State Conference in October, preparing to attend a doctoral program at the University of Pittsburgh, and I have a new sense of confidence about everything I do! I am currently awaiting the finalization of another job promotion.

Faculty Testimonies 

budzowski.jpgBonnie Budzowski
Part-Time Faculty

The idea of servant leadership is more than an idea at Geneva's MSOL program. This is a program in which faculty and administrators put servant leadership into action. 

stahl_wert.jpgJohn Stahl-Wert
Part-Time Faculty

The study and learning of leadership, unlike most subjects, takes place in the course of living. Theory is valuable, but leadership only ever actually exists while it's being exercised. My chief pride in Geneva's MSOL lies in the quality of the real-world students it attracts; hard-working adults who have somehow made the time to become better leaders. How great it is to have the privilege of learning better how to lead in such company!