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The McCartney Library offers a variety of resources and services to support Adult Degree Program students. Have a question? Ask a librarian!

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Use Library Services

Request home delivery of books/articles
  • DCP faculty and students who live more than 20 miles from the Beaver Falls campus may order up to five items (books or articles) per week from the McCartney Library collections to be shipped to their home or office.
  • The McCartney Library provides the shipping to the DCP affiliate free of charge.
  • The DCP student or faculty member is responsible for returning the books to McCartney Library (either in person, or by mailing the items back to the Library). The patron is responsible for shipping the items so that they arrive at the Library by their due dates, and the patron is responsible for any damage done to the items due to improper packing for shipping.
  • To order books or articles, fill out the Ask a Librarian form. Please include your name, Geneva College ID number, mailing address, and a list of the desired books or journal articles.
  • You can also order books or articles from libraries other than McCartney Library and have them shipped to your house. See the section below!
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Request books/articles not available at McCartney Library

Have you identified books or articles that you would like to read, but that the McCartney Library does not own? We are happy to order these items for you from another library. Simply fill out the Interlibrary Loan form and we will contact you when the items have arrived.

If you would like to have the books or articles shipped to your house upon arrival, request this service in the notes/questions section of the Interlibrary Loan form, making sure to include your home address.

Have questions about Interlibrary Loan, or about how to identify resources for your project? Ask a librarian!

Find information

Use WorldCAT Local to find books

Access WorldCAT Local to locate books related to your research topic. If you identify books that you would like to check out, you may either visit the McCartney Library in person, or order the books to be shipped to your house.

Ask a librarian if you have questions about searching WorldCAT Local.

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Use databases to find articles

Databases help you find journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and much more on your research topic.

Find Applied Research Projects

Although you cannot access past DCP students' Applied Research Projects from home, you can search MacCAT to identify papers that you want to look at so that you have a list before you make a trip to McCartney Library. Simply follow these instructions!

  • In MacCAT, select the keyword boolean search from the "search by" list. Then, type "applied research reports" (include the quotations marks) in the "search for" box and click on the search button. This will retrieve a complete list of all the applied research reports that we have at McCartney Library.

  • To limit your search to a topic, type "applied research reports" and a keyword or phrase. For example:

    "applied research reports" and "employee retention"
    "applied research reports" and volunteers and retention

  • Once you have identified Applied Research Projects that you would like to read, visit the McCartney Library to look at the projects. If you are unable to visit McCartney Library, you can order a photocopy of the bibliography or another portion of a paper (up to 35 pages) by requesting it following the instructions for ordering McCartney Library materials.

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These libraries, which may be closer to your home or class location than McCartney Library, have agreed to provide services to Geneva College DCP students. Please visit their Web sites for more information about their resources and services.

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