Geneva improves its G

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Aug. 1, 2005

g.jpgBEAVER FALL, Pa. - Geneva′s maintenance crew began laying the stones for the new G on Eastvale′s hillside today. Dr. Kenneth Smith, president of Geneva, joined the crew to assist with the positioning of the base of the G.

The new G will be three times larger than the previous G and will be illuminated by solar powered lights at night. The 30 feet by 50 feet clearing on the Eastvale hillside is located just north of its previous location. The G is 20 feet by 40 feet and is built from 90 2 feet by 2 feet flagstones, which are secured on the 40 degree grade by steel bars.

The G has been on Eastvale′s hillside since 1925 and has inspired several college traditions. College freshman are first introduced to the G during orientation when they hike up Eastvale hill to help clear the area for the new semester. During the fall semester, the G is illuminated with road flares during the halftime of home football games.

The college plans to have the G completed by the Friday, Aug 5.

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