Magazine’s new direction brings awards and reader response

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BEAVER FALLS, Pa.- Geneva Magazine aims to make its readers proud to be associated with Geneva College. But sometimes what they read makes them mad.

The magazine′s unusual strategy is proving effective. Geneva Magazine won recognition at the International Association of Business Communicators′ Golden Triangle Awards on Oct. 27. The magazine received an Award of Honor for its 2003-04 issues and for its coverage of incoming President Kenneth A. Smith.

Most college and university magazines studiously avoid controversial articles for fear of alienating the alumni and donors whose support they rely on. But Geneva Magazine takes a different approach.

"Our alumni are smart, college-educated people," said Josh Earl, a 2003 Geneva graduate and the magazine′s editor. "One way to show our respect for them is by communicating honestly about the issues facing our college and our world."

Geneva Magazine is part of a small but growing minority of college publications that strive to give readers an objective look at the institutions they cover. In the last year the magazine has examined the growing problem of student debt and debated the presidential election, the ethics of stem cell research, and the effectiveness of gun control.

And readers are responding. Letters to the magazine increased threefold, and submissions to the popular class notes section have grown by almost 40 percent.

"Geneva Magazine should give alumni an accurate picture of life at the college," Earl said. "It should also give them something to think about-and disagree with. If everyone agrees with everything you say, you′re not saying anything."

Geneva Magazine circulates to 22,000 college alumni, donors and friends.

The annual Golden Triangle Awards, sponsored by the Pittsburgh chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, recognize outstanding achievement in business communication. The entries were judged by communications professionals from other IABC chapters. Past award winners include the University of Pittsburgh and Saint Vincent College.

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