CCCU Campuses Observe World AIDS Day

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-In honor of World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, 2005, 35 of the 37 campus chapters of Acting on AIDS are participating in an activity called "Lives are at Stake." Acting on AIDS is a program started by Christian college students to create awareness and activism of the global AIDS pandemic at colleges and universities across the nation. With the support of World Vision, Christian college students have formed a network of Acting on AIDS chapters which seek to change hearts on campuses, create awareness in communities, and advocate for those impacted by the global AIDS pandemic. Acting on AIDS is headed by three Seattle Pacific University (WA) alumni: Lisa Krohn, James Pedrick and Jackie Yoshimura; nearly all of the 37 member chapters are CCCU member institutions. (

The "Lives are at Stake" campaign involves the campus chapters spreading awareness by planting stakes with pictures of orphans and vulnerable children attached on the grounds of each participating campus. Students and faculty are encouraged to pull out a stake and wear it around their necks, praying for the children and the fight against global AIDS throughout the day.

The next step for the Acting on AIDS campus chapters is to move their campuses to action through advocacy and fundraising. Encourage students to add their support to legislation that ensures care for orphans and vulnerable children ("Our Voices Count" advocacy campaign).

"Any major movement/revolution can be traced back to college students. College students will change the face of AIDS," says Krohn. "There is a lot of stigma surrounding AIDS; it′s been a sensitive subject, and for the most part, generations before us within the Church decided not to pay attention to it. My generation is becoming more conscious of social justice issues. And this is the biggest social justice issue humanity has ever faced."

Students will share stories and reflections from the 2005 World AIDS Day activities at the Acting on AIDS Student Leadership Summit, held Feb. 2-4, 2006, at Seattle Pacific University. At the Summit, students will also learn more about HIV/AIDS and about the fundamental ways we can tackle the global AIDS pandemic-through prevention, advocacy and care. Not only will the conference be about educating students, but it will also be a time for them to learn ways they can translate that education into practical action on their campuses.

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This news release was provided by Ryan Moede, communications coordinator at Council for Christian Colleges & Universities located in Washington, DC. Moede can be contacted at or 202-546-8713 x327