Witnesses to the World of Science

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Lindsey (Walker ′10) Strength

Bryan '05 and Kate (Trueblood '06) DoreianWhen Bryan ′05 and Kate (Trueblood ′06) Doreian were students at Geneva College, professors knew they were different.

"Brian and Kate have exemplified many of the ideals we would hope for in all of our graduates," says Dr. David Essig, professor of biology. "Early in their academic experience at Geneva, it was clear that they took their educational opportunities seriously and with great enthusiasm and gusto. It was truly synergistic when they began to join forces so to speak."

The Doreians are now continuing their academic careers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The past two years have opened their eyes to the challenges Christians face in the world of science.

Kate, who is studying and conducting research in the cellular and molecular physiology department says, "Science has been elevated to religious status, and it′s a really hostile environment for people of true faith. They try to get you to divorce your faith from your work and that′s not something we can do. I'm really grateful for Geneva because they saved my life in that regard."

Bryan graduated from Case in June 2009 with a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics, and says that his professors from Geneva still influence him today.

"They're concerned not just about the grades and the education, but also the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of the students," he says. "Without Christ there isn't true joy and love - something that is very evident when you leave Geneva and that learning environment."

During their time at Case, Bryan and Kate have become more and more conscious of how faith shapes every area of their lives.

"I think if Geneva taught me anything it′s that we have to get Christians out into these different fields, especially in politics and science," Kate says. "We can't stray away from science because it has a tendency toward evil. We've got to get out there and we have to make a difference. Geneva helped me realize that you can serve God in the small things or the big things. I hope that my education at Case will give me the knowledge base to gain respect from the world. The world doesn't respect that you're a Christian, the world respects that you have a Ph.D. If I can open my mouth and profess Christ with a Ph.D. maybe they'll listen."

Bryan and Kate Doreian are not completely sure where they are headed next, but they are confident that God will lead them there when the time is right.

"We may not know the future, but we are confident he has led us here," Kate says. "If you open yourself up to the will of God, He will bless you immeasurably. It may not always be in your time or in the way you asked, but when He blesses you, it is abundant."