Student activities this spring

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The Geneva College Office of Student Programs and Leadership has an exciting line-up of events for the spring semester. In addition to ever-popular activities like the Mystery Bus Trip and My Generation Night, Geneva will be introducing a few new events, including Poetry and Pottery and How to … Learn to Do All the Things You′ve Always Dreamed of. Artist Tyrone Wells will return to campus for an encore performance, and students will again battle for survival in Team Eliminator. Students will also have the opportunity to create an event to be held in April.

15 Mystery Bus Trip -Ticket sales starting at 6 a.m. in Skye Lounge.
22 Mystery Bus Trip -The suspenseful ride on a bus to an unknown fun destination.
29 Game Show - Students get to compete with friends in game show.
3 Create an Event Proposal - You make your pitch and the best one gets funded by Student Activities and put on in April. Let your creative voice be heard.
19 Dollar Date - Students pay a dollar to go on a fun, low-pressure date.
24 How to ... Learn to Do All the Things You′ve Always Dreamed of - Consider it free college.
18 Tyrone Wells - An up-and-coming artist from California, Wells returns to Geneva after his popular concert last year.
23 Poetry and Pottery - An evening of coffee and pottery-making. This event will be featuring a flam poet.
9 Create an Event - An event planned by students ... TBA
10 Team Eliminator - A contest similar to the TV show Survivor.
30 My Generation Night - Students get to showcase their talent before their peers and community.

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