Student housing changes announced

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The Student Development Office of Geneva College recently announced a change in residential housing for the 2010/11 academic year. While Pearce will continue to be a men′s freshmen residence hall and Clarke will continue to be a women′s freshmen residence hall, Memorial and McKee will become overflow halls to accommodate freshmen after Pearce and Clarke are full.

Neither Pearce nor Clarke is large enough to accommodate incoming freshmen students. This past year, only 52% of new freshmen men were able to be in Pearce while only 72% of the new freshmen women were able to be in Clarke. The rest of the new freshmen resided in other halls across campus.

"The bonding, relationships and formation of community that take place in the freshmen residence halls are extremely important. The new students are all adjusting to the college experience together, and we can provide programming that facilitates that process. They also form friendships they will have throughout their college career at Geneva," noted Dean of Student Development Mike Loomis.

Dean Loomis explained that when new students are housed in a community with upper class students, their transition can be more difficult. At the same time, upper class students prefer to be with other upper class students because of the extra time involved in helping new students to adjust and because they generally have a heavier workload, often compounded by jobs and internships.

Because of the change, only student leaders can sign up to live in Memorial or McKee in April. Other students can request to be put on a waiting list, however. The number of upper class students able to move into Memorial or McKee will depend on the size of the incoming freshman class, the size of the returning residential population and the gender breakdown of both.

Upper class students who desire to serve new students may apply for leadership job opportunities such as health educators, discipleship coordinators and multicultural counselors. They may talk to the appropriate directors in the upcoming weeks.

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