Chapel Attendance Policy Revision

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The administration at Geneva College has approved a revision in the chapel attendance policy. The changes will go into effect this fall. There is no change in the number of events that must be attended. Students will continue to be required to attend 11 chapels and/or convocations each semester. Nor is there a change in the number of events each semester. There will continue to be 15 events each semester - 14 chapel gatherings and one academic convocation.

The change is in the penalty for failing to attend at least 11 of the 15 required events. Students will be fined $50 for each event that they miss beyond the four that are permitted. The fine will be placed on the student′s account at the end of each semester.

There is, however, a grace clause. If students prefer to have the fine set aside, they have the opportunity to attend a group meeting on Reading Day, which is the day before final examinations begin. Following the group meeting, students will be required to listen to the chapel presentations missed and write a response paper for each session within ten days of the group meeting. If the papers submitted are deemed acceptable, the student′s fine will be dismissed.

In addition to this change in penalty, students will also now be able to track their attendance online.

This revision has only been made after much input and deliberation. The process of tracking and disciplining chapel attendance had become quite cumbersome, and was increasingly frustrating to students, and therefore, to staff. In response, the staff involved in the attendance tracking process considered several ways to make the penalty for poor chapel attendance easier to understand and track for students, and easier to manage on campus.

The preferred proposal was presented to Provost Ken Carson. He thought it was worthy of consideration and asked the chapel committee (comprised of six faculty and staff members, six students, and chaired by Dr. Dean Smith) for feedback. The proposal was discussed by the committee, who then gave it their support. The proposal then went to the Leadership Team of the College, with the recommendation of Provost Carson. After discussing the proposal and ramifications, the Leadership Team decided that it was a wise policy to implement.

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