Connections & Cokes 2010

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On Friday, September 10, 2010, booths and tables lined the pedestrian mall at Geneva College for the annual Connections & Cokes event. Connections & Cokes is a way for clubs and organizations, both from Geneva College as well as the neighboring communities, to make themselves known among the student population. The event is run by the Geneva College Student Union (GCSU).

Connections & Cokes encourages students to explore as many tables as possible by using Coke as an incentive. After visiting an organization or club, the student is presented with a ticket. Once the student has visited three tables, and therefore collected three tickets, they may redeem them at the GCSU booth for a Coke, or another soda of their choice.

This year, roughly 30 clubs from the college and 15 organizations from the community had tables full of information to distribute to the students, including the GCSU, who sold PISGAH canteens and "Go Green" stickers. Geneva′s Constituent Relations department also hosted a number of local churches with which students could connect.

Gwen Ward, executive president of the GCSU, was impressed with the student turnout this year. "It′s such a great opportunity for the clubs and organizations from the community to get out and show people what they're all about. It′s also a great way for the freshman to see what′s out there and how they can get involved."

Sarah Arata, president of the Senior Class, also commented. "There′s something here for everyone. We have such a wide variety of clubs and organizations to choose from - you're bound to find something!"

Ian Gall, president of the Hockey Club, was excited about the number of students he had talked to. "Compared to previous years, we've had a lot more people express interest in our club. It′s great to see an excited class of freshman coming in and getting involved."

The PISGAH program, a program dedicated to outdoor adventure with purpose, shared a similar response. "We've been overwhelmed with students, which is a good thing," said Katherine Michalak, an event coordinator for the program. "We're hoping to grow a lot."

Connections & Cokes is a great opportunity to learn more about what Geneva College has to offer, and to enjoy an ice-cold soda while doing so.

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