Spotlight on the Student-Alumni Connection Program

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Spotlight on the Student-Alumni Connection Program

Alumni are often looking for ways to share their wisdom with the next generation of leaders, while students are eager to pursue opportunities to gain "real-world" experience outside of the classroom. In response to these needs, and to give alumni the opportunity to give back to the next generation of Geneva students, the Geneva College Alumni Council has created the Student-Alumni Connection Program.

This program matches current students with graduates based on shared interests and majors, and encourages them to connect through e-mails, letters, Facebook and more. Students and alumni are able to share the Geneva experience and expand their social and career networks.

"The great thing about the Student-Alumni Connection Program is that it requires only a small commitment, but the relationships can change lives," says Director of Alumni Relations Becky Phillips.

Alumni and students are able to share the Geneva experience and expand their social and career networks.Wendy Allman, Director of Staff Development for the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh and President of the Geneva College Alumni Council, and junior communications major Cassie Witt have both benefited from positive experiences through the Student-Alumni Connection Program. Their relationship is an example of how making connections and networking with people in the Geneva community provides exciting new opportunities.

"I was matched up two years ago with Cassie Witt and have stayed in touch through e-mails and Facebook," says Wendy Allman. "During her freshman year, I was able to arrange a tour of KDKA, the local CBS affiliate television station in Pittsburgh. Since her major is in the communications field, this was a great opportunity for her to see ‘behind the scenes′ at a major TV station."

The Student-Alumni Connection Program also allows Wendy to stay connected to life at Geneva after graduation. "While some things have changed over the years since I have been a student, other things are exactly the same. It is so wonderful to see God continually building His kingdom through Geneva College, and this program has given me the opportunity to give back to the college that I love," says Wendy.

"I would say my personal gain from this program is the friendship itself," says Cassie. "Wendy was there for me when I was praying about becoming a residence assistant and, still today she always asks me if there is anything she can pray for me about. Making that friendship is great. It is very rewarding to have someone take time to connect with you about your college experience."

For further information about become part of the Student-Alumni Connection Program, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Becky Phillips at or visit the program page at

- by Ji Yun Bae ′12