My Generation Night

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Students performed at MGN on April 29, 2011.

Geneva College Student Activities hosted My Generation Night (MGN) on Friday, April 29. Described by many students as the most anticipated event of the year, MGN provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents for the Geneva community. Senior Jeremy Shen says, "MGN is an end-of-year celebration where, for four minutes at a time, around 50 Geneva College students become rock stars and 1,000 of their friends cheer them on."

Students prepare months in advance for the rigorous auditions held weeks before the concert. Director of Student Programs and Leadership Ryan Holt explains, "Basically, we had auditions for over 40 acts. We held auditions until 3:40 a.m. and had 20 acts that made it. After that, there is a lot of logistics to make the event run. From video making, to stage setup, to band coordination - the student activities coordinators put a lot of time and energy into crafting an all around smooth and entertaining event."

From Ian Taylor and Josh Buck′s rendition of the "Pokémon Theme Song" to Kennan Wilson singing John Legend′s "Ordinary People," the evening′s performances were from all ends of the pop-culture spectrum.

Tyler Schoenberger and Gwen Ward after the proposal.And for one couple, MGN was part of an especially memorable and life-changing moment. As senior Troy Miller began his act by singing "I′ve got a Feeling," junior Tyler Schoenberger joined him, walking through the crowd and onto the cat walk. He then pulled Student Union President Gwen Ward on stage, got on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Tyler shared, "Leading up to MGN, I was the most nervous I've ever been my entire life. I wanted everything to go perfectly. The proposal exceeded my expectations in every way. The emotion and support the crowd showed was unbelievable."

Ward said, "Hearing all the people screaming and clapping and cheering was so crazy and it was just such a happy time and a blessing to share it with 1,000 of my best friends. I know I'll ever forget that MGN."

Caleb Musselman followed the marriage proposal with "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars. Musselman said, "This is going to be a celebration for what just happened right there. Let′s give it up for Tyler and Gwen and praise God for what he is doing there."

Ryan Holt thanked those who helped make MGN possible, saying, "There are so many people that put in a lot of hard work and extra hours to make MGN. The show may only last two hours, but the work that it takes to make those two hours happen cannot be overstated. From the physical plant staff to the students in each act to the student activities coordinators - MGN is what it is because of the dedication of all of these people."

"As was prayed before we opened the doors, every guitar solo, every drum beat, every dance move, every vocal run - it is all a reflection of God′s grace and a celebration of His goodness," said Holt.

Immediately following the show, hundreds of students gathered in the street in front of Clark Hall for hot dogs, drinks, and Rita's shaved ice. The after party lasted for a few hours while students talked, ate and played games of corn hole and basketball.

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