Solar Splash Competition

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The Geneva College solar/electric boating team finished strongly in the 2011 Solar Splash Competition against a field of 20 other colleges and universities. This competition, sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics Society (IEEE-PELS), was held in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Teams were judged on speed, endurance, design, visual presentation and teamwork. Geneva′s team brought an innovative drivetrain design to the competition, using a flexible aluminum driveshaft for the endurance competition.

Geneva was honored with the coveted Teamwork Award in the competition. Geneva′s team also came in third place in Technical Report, which was highly competitive, with the three top winners being within a three-point spread. Geneva finished 12th place overall.

Geneva′s 2011 team includes Benjamin McCauley (team lead) - computer engineering major, focus: telemetry; Amber Jobes - mechanical engineering major, focus: solar panels; Russell Wheatley - electrical engineering major, focus: test support and implementation; Rebekah Drehman - mechanical engineering, focus: drive system, Steve Orvis, Keith Pinson and Erin Bruker - computer science, and Sean Kuhn, focus: integrated media.

The team′s faculty advisor, Dr. David Shaw, said, "It was great to work with a diverse team of students who learned how to work together, especially in difficult circumstances. The teamwork award shows that, but more importantly, points to attitudes and actions rooted in their Christian faith."

To see full results and photos of the Solar Splash Competition, click here. More pictures and details can be found on the team′s Facebook page.

Geneva has competed in the Solar Splash Competition regularly since 2000. The 2011 team has added to Geneva′s already impressive history in this event. Geneva has won many awards such as: 2009 - 9th overall, Best Looking Boat; 2006 - 7th overall, 2nd Slalom; 2004 - 10th overall, 3rd Technical Report, Sportsmanship Award; 2003 - 3rd overall, 2nd Slalom, 3rd Technical Report, Model Team; 2002 - 5th overall, Teamwork Award; 2001 - 12th overall, Teamwork Award; 2000 - 5th overall, 2nd Solar Slalom, 3rd Qualifying, Outstanding Kit Built Hull.

The team would like to thank their many sponsors, both individuals and companies, for making it possible to compete.

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